White Collar Fight Club

W.C.F.C. 4

Published July 2014

July 4th at Lordswood Leisure Centre for W.C.F.C. 4 and it was good to see many old faces from the previous three shows mixed with quiet a few new ones mixed in. The fights speak for themselves so sit back and enjoy.
David Bushell v Dan Almond
Niomi Weir v Charlie Hann
Jamie Leslie v Wesley Barling
Jacki McKenzie v Charlie Shane - Current WCFC Champion
Calvin Reynolds v Adam Jefferies
Billy Ritchie v Rob Best
AJ v Rikky Porter
Dave Webster v Jon Towers
Nathan Mansell v Terry Dannie
Perry Jackson v Paul James
The Team from Medway are back with the 4th show from The White Collar Fight Club. Back at Lordswood Leisure Centre the new home of the W.C.F.C. what started out to be a small show before the BIG ONE in November has grown and grown. 
So far the card contains 15 bouts including our first ladies bout between Naomi Weir and Charlie Hann so it should be a night of plenty of action.  We have some old faces returning for another night of action with W.C.F.C. including Mr Jon Towers brother of Promoter Dan the only fighter to have fought on all four shows.
Mr Dave Driver will be announcing the fights for us again as he has since stepping in at the last moment on W.C.F.C. 1 when the so called professional announcer let us down in spectacular fashion by not turning up. Referee Jon Jarvis will be keeping things under control and in the event of an injury Jo will be at hand to give medical attention. 
As usual 'Amazon Girls' will be looking after the fighters on their way to the ring and keeping us up to date with the rounds.
Video will be available on here but may take up to two weeks to get together. Time will tell. As usual Sam Rowe will be selling T shirts to raise funds for The Academy Of Hard Knocks
The Team from Medway with the Show from Medway. We are Medway are YOU?

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