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Where's Billy Are Darren Robinson, James Watson, James Lant, Mike Daines and Charlie Robinson

The occasion was the final gig with the band by Bass Guitarist James who after the dizzying heights of the world of Rock and Roll had decided to hand in his bass duties with the band and concentrate on arts and crafts or some such thing.
Wheres Billy Rock BandThe band in the meantime are going to be recording a new album and seeking the services of a new bass player. There are three things about these guys you should know if you have never been to see them. SHIT they are loud!!!! I'm not sure if that is just down to my age and loud is certainly not a bad thing as they march through their set. The second thing is they are top blokes and I hope they will allow me to try again at getting the film. There are actually more than three things but I have committed myself now. Third they work incredibly hard and can be seen at a venue somewhere in the country most weeks. As we know ourselves over here at Cage Amateurs UK this is not an ideal situation when working full time but it is good to see proper music being played at the ever decreasing amount of live music venues by proper bands sadly with little thanks and even less rewards.
Arriving at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells which strangely resembled a public toilet we were met by James, shortly after he presented with a can of beer each. Nice. So far so good although there was a slight problem as the drummer, Mike, had been separated from part of the drum kit due to it being in the back of his partners car only for her to go out shopping for the day. This seemed to totally un-faze the rest of the band, giving the impression that they were used to this kind of thing, and with Mike turning up shortly after the initial news, having retrieved said parts of kit, thing were resumed as normal.
Guitarist Charlie joined us and having already spoken to him via facebook the conversation turned to his boxing career with me making a cheeky effort to get him too fight on our show.
Sound check followed which I thought I could use to set up the camera which was just as well as things turned out.
Afterwards I had the chance to catch up with guitarist and vocals Darren and James and learned from Darren that they have done not one but two tours in America buying instruments while they were there and leaving them as it was cheaper than actually taking there own. The lads were well received over the pond by enthusiastic American audiences a brave move in my book as many bigger artists have come a cropper in front of our American cousins.
Tours of the States and the UK constant gigs rave reviews it kind of makes you wonder what you have got to do these days to get noticed.
Do yourself a favour go see them. They pack a punch, their tight playing together with a good interaction with the audience and they are LOUD.
As it turns out The FORUM was a public toilet until converted to a 250 person venue. Trust me there was no shit with the Billy's in town I will certainly be back soon to see them again. Jon P


GOOD NEWS- Our next show is at the Tunbridge Wells Forum a week on Saturday (17th Aug). 

TERRIBLE NEWS - This will be our bass player Jimmy's last show as a permanent member of Where's Billy. After 5 years in the role ...he has decided that he would like a fresh challenge. Mike, Darren , Milky and Charlie would like to thank him the best way they know, a kick ass rock show! So lets see as many of you as possible giving Jimmy the send off he deserves. There will be a few surprises including us playing our whole back catalogue .. Get your tickets quick to avoid disappointment
That truly is the million dollar question. They play here there and everywhere on a regular basis and can I get to see them? CAN I FUCK!!!!!
OK that's the rant over and to be fair it is not there fault in the slightest for some reason our paths seem to take a sharp change of direction.
I will bag a brace of Billies if it kills me. Which it just might.
In the mean time cop a look at their new video for the song Bound and Broken taken from the Forcibly Fed CD
Wheres Billy Wheres Billy
Wheres Billy Wheres Billy
A band that will no doubt reach out to a wide audience. Perfectly crafted fusion of pop-punk and alternative rock with an energetic live show'
Total Rock Radio

“Every song brings storming riffs, heavy beats and lyrics that beg you to sing along and sing loud”

Room Thirteen Magazine 

“A professional and dedicated band who tick all the boxes, they blew the roof off London Astoria 2” – Feed me 

Music (promoter)

Here to tear you a new one, Kent based Rock five piece Where's Billy are bringing their own packed lunches to the Buffet . Since forming at High School the four piece have featured constantly within the London and South East circuit including major venues and near sell out shows at London Astoria 2, The Islington Academy and indigO2 at the O2 Arena, Not to mention several UK tours and further jaunts to Europe and America. Their debut EP 'The Truth Hurts', produced by Chris Coulter at Stakeout Studios (You me at six, Fight star, Reuben), gained a respectful amount of industry attention and proved to be a solid foundation to build upon. Where's Billy have been interviewed on several radio shows, one of which - Total Rock Radio - resulted in their on line networking sites reaching record views. Individually and collectively their sound has been influenced by bands as diverse as Reuben right through to Metallica. However, unlike most other bands hoping to bust open the industry, Where's Billy aren't trying to create a new genre or fit into one. They pride themselves on being self sufficient in every way so therefore write songs that they would like to hear not what is "in" at the time and in their words - ' ..if anyone else likes it its a bonus'. Recent UK and American tours were successfully completed and now the new material for the follow up to 'The Truth Hurts' is recorded and ready for release in July 2012. With a minimum of three UK tours, another likely stint in America and potential time in Europe as well as their biggest release to date the guys are preparing the energy drinks, beer and the video camera! So stand up, take notice and catch them at one of their engaging live shows! 2012 is going to be a busy year...


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