Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing


Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing
Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing is a Warrington based promotion run by Amanda and Shaun Smith assisted by Anna Foreman and as the name suggest they specialise in Boxing of the un-gloved type. When Shaun is not involved with running the promotion he is in the financial services business collecting money on behalf of other people and was once described as "The UK's Scariest Debt Collector" in a documentary which can been seen on YouTube by the highly respected Vice TV. A quick search and among various other videos featuring Shaun it hits you the first one has over 19,000,000 views and that is just one copy of the video. The point I am getting too is he is well know, this at times can result in the person using this reputation as an excuse to do a show that is for want of a better word below par.This is not the case here I have been to three of Amanda and Shaun's shows and they do a good well arranged and thought out promotion with no corners cut in any area. 

As they also run a Gym fighters are expected to attend a training day before they are even considered for a spot on a U.B.K.B. show. I have myself in the past been at shows where the audience have been asked if anyone wants to fight. Even more strange is the fact that some likely lad will think why not and jump into the ring. I won't say it made it a bad show but it greatly increases the chances of a very serious injury happening as it goes without saying the guy taking up the challenge may have been suffering from delusions of grandeur due to ten pints of lager and far from being the great Ali he is more like Ali Baba and disaster ensues. 

Promoters Amanada and Shaun Smith Fighters have a medical on the day of the show and if there are any sign of a problem the fighter is pulled which results in his opponent who has trained for the show not having anyone to fight, and people who may have bought tickets to see that fight in particular being disappointed. But pulled the fighter will be which is more unusual than you might think. There is plenty of talk from various show promoters from all types of fight show about the tests they do before a fighter fights, but in reality many turn a blind eye. This will not happen at a U.B.K.B. show and because the training day is a condition of fighting the situation where one fighter is far superior to the other will not happen as they have been observed rather than just taken at their word.

Show 4 is in March at Manchester's Bowlers Exhibition Center which is close by to Manchester United's Old Trafford Ground. This is a good place in my opinion as it has miles of free parking and from a production side of things is a big square build which gives total freedom to the promoter on how they set the venue up. The first two shows held by U.B.K.B. were at Colwick Hall. A very nice place but the Exhibition Center beats it hand down in every area. Maybe Colwick Hall is prettier but no one is there for pretty.

Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing initiated title belts on show three with eliminators kicking things off at show two held at Colwick Hall. 

Current Title Holders:

UBKB British Challenge Belt Holder:   Luke Atkin

UBKB British Light Heavyweight Holder:   Sean McFarlane

UBKB British Cruiserweight Holder:  Chris Wheeldon

UBKB British Heavyweight Holder:   Gareth Walker

UBKB British Light Welterweight Holder:  Josh Foreman

Belts 1Belts 2

The team is starting to come together nicely with Shaun Smith and Chris Milky refereeing, Anna Foreman assisting promoters Shaun and Amanda Smith, Ring Announcer Chris Giblin and Chris Milky who also takes care of hand wraps as well as refereeing plus a few others who's names I have to get together. Sorry about that. Last but certainly not least as it is their show Amanda and Shaun Smith who are the promoters of Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing.

For your information here are few web addresses you may find helpful:

Amanda Smith on Facebook

Shaun Smith on Facebook

Smithys Gym For UBKB Training

You can also check out the World Sanctioning Bare Knuckle Boxing site or W.S.B.K.B. site for more information.

The site states 

We operate to stringent guidelines that makes us stand out from the others. We care for our fighters and fans, and have a moral obligation to not only give value for money but in ensuring the safety of the men willing to spill their blood for a night of glory.

It is our aim that all the other companies will approach us for our expertise and professional advice on how to run an effective, safe and profit-making fight event. Possessing the right people with the right skills we can offer professional medical staff, rings and other equipment, lighting rigs, public liability insurance as well as highly qualified judges and referees to any venue across the UK.

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