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Published November 2017

Saturday 18th November 2017 saw my old mate Andrew Juby head to The Detling Show Ground for the United Kingdom Boxing Council sanctioned Kings Promotions "Combat Kings" show here in Kent. Having had a great night he decided to put pen to paper with his thoughts regarding the show, the people involved and things in general. In particular Mr Pete Stoten and Pete's attitude to putting on a show. Read on for what Andy thought. Jon P

I've been thinking this for a while, and last night my thoughts were confirmed. Pete Stoten has completely raised the bar when it comes to so called Unlicensed Boxing.

United Kingdom Boxing Council
I despise that term.

Unlicensed makes it sound immoral and even unlawful, which couldn't be further from the reality and truth of the way this man conducts the business of Combat Sports Promotion. Unlicensed, (or Semi- Pro as some call it) simply means that the bouts on the card are not sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control. But apart from the absence of politics, drama, and dodgy 'homeboy' decisions, Pete doesn't do things much differently. 

He has put together a superb team that always come together perfectly and professionally for each event. On the promotion side, the United Kingdom Boxing Council works closely with Matt Simms of Unique Gym and Kings Promotions in Chatham Kent, and also Wayne Morley of Fightin' Fit Gym in Dover. All three of these men have Combat Sports running through their veins, and are responsible for bringing in new fighters on a regular basis, from all over the world. They also help youngsters find their feet, actively encouraging juniors to take up the sport. These kids are expertly mentored and looked after in every aspect you can think of, especially on the night when they enter the arena in front of large crowds.  

The shows that involve Martial Arts, (Kickboxing, K1, Mixed Martial Arts) are sanctioned by W.K.A. one of, if not the biggest and oldest Combat Sports sanctioning bodies in the world. Some of the W.K.A. title holders actually fought for the hardware on Pete and Matt's events. Audio-visual effects and ring lighting are provided by AJ Premier Events, and without doubt are just about the best I've seen on the circuit. Owner Andy Jay also offers his services as MC and Ring Announcer for the event, which actually helps make things really smooth and seamless as he directly works with the DJ and Crew. They are used to working with each other and it shows. Andy's style is smooth and smart, the audio is perfectly clear and the audience can hear every word that he says. 

The DJ is not adverse to playing some 'sing along cheese' during intervals which really gets the crowd singing. This engagement with the crowd really does go a long way towards making these events trouble free and entertaining. It's amazing to watch the transformation of the audience- one minute they are singing along to Sweet Caroline, and a few minutes later they are screaming for blood as Andy encourages them to shout support for their fighter. 

Pete StotenI was in the Entertainment Business for over 35 years - Andy and his team are at the top of their game and have Event Production and Hosting perfected.  

The events are now recorded in high quality video with still photography by Jon 'Snapaway' Rothwell, who just gets on with it. I know a few photographers and cameramen, and I will say this - they all seem to be thoroughly decent people who are easy to work with - no stress or panicking, they just seem to cope. If you knew the amount of work and time that goes into editing the footage after the show, you would be amazed at how reasonable their fees are. Jon is no exception, and his work beautifully captures all of the evenings' action. 

The Security Team are polite and courteous and do an excellent job, in fact they make people feel welcome as opposed to throwing their weight around like some do. Very smart and perfectly professional. I didn't get the names of the Ring Girls last night, or the company that they work for, but they were very attractive, friendly, funny, (possibly slightly mad) and they did a great job. Most importantly, a team of Paramedics and a fully qualified Doctor are in attendance. I have seen Fighters get knocked out on Pete's events many times. Last night I actually counted how long it took for a Paramedic / Doctor to enter the ring. Within a few seconds, they were through the ropes, the Referee was on his knees with the fighter as he hit the canvas. And that's the way it should be. I have heard about, but never actually attended, boxing events where so called Promoters don't even have a First Aider in attendance. By the very nature of the beast, Combat Sport is a dangerous thing. Of course there will be black eyes, cut lips, sore ribs, and sometimes a lot worse, but every fighter that climbs through the ropes on one of Pete Stoten's shows knows without doubt that if they do sustain serious injury, the best possible medical care is just seconds away.  

Of course Pete, Matt, and Wayne are not the only other Promoters out there. There's hundreds of them, a few just do it for the money and don't give any concern to Production or Fighter safety. They have no right to even call themselves Promoters, more like Shysters. But there are also some that stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Some shows I have been to, and indeed been involved in when I help train and corner a few lads, some I have not had the privilege of attending but have heard enough to know that they are top draw. Such as Lee Eaton in Essex, Billy Bessey in Hampshire, David Weild in Newcastle, Chis Milky in the Midlands, who is new to promotion but has been in the fight game for years and is one of the most honourable and respectful men in the fight scene that I have ever met, and of course the epic Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Promotion run by husband and wife team, Amanda and Shaun Smith out of Warrington. 

But as far as I'm concerned, Pete was there first. He is certainly the biggest and best Combat Sports Promoter on the Kent Semi-Pro circuit, and has set the standard that the whole country should aspire to and abide by. I've watched him grow as a Promoter over the last few years, and his morals, ethics and standards have never waned in the slightest. He pays attention to every detail. 

To summarise.

If you are a fan of Combat Sports and you want to attend an Premier Event in Kent, look no further.  

If you are a Fighter and you want to have an evenly matched fight on a safe and well produced show, look no further.  

If you are a Promoter, get yourself to one of Pete's shows and take some notes.

360 Degree View Of The Venue Taken By Andrew Juby From The Middle Of The Ring

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did. Thanks to Andy Juby for sharing his thoughts and letting me put his thoughts up here on Cage Amateurs UK. Please come visit us again soon for your favourite Combat Sport reviews, interviews and video. For fight videos of shows we have personally filmed please go visit us on YouTube for some great Combat Sport Action. Jon P

Just for giggles and shits here is another 360 image

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