Tolly Pleasted


Published April 2012

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and Interviewing Tolly Plested. Tolly lives in Eastbourne in East Sussex. Fighting from First Generation in his home town of Eastbourne, Tolly is the head instructor at the gym. He has strong skills in BJJ, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. He has also done Power Lifting but you will probably guest that from his size and pure muscle. The great news is that Tolly has now had news of going to trials for the U.F.C. which the guy deserves for his pure dedication. He has appeared on shows all over the country including U.C.M.M.A. which is proving to be a hot spot for future U.F.C. stars. Please view the interview and see what a cool customer Tolly is. A big thanks to our mate Gary Bond at Colosseum Sports for hooking us up with Tolly. Gary has loads of events coming up so please go to the site to find out details. From Cage Amateurs UK and all the people who have viewed your interview.

Good Luck Tolly

Video Interview With Tolly Plested At CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 2 in April 2012


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