The Alley Cafe

A nice friday evening found myself and the wife heading off to Maidstone to see  'All The Above'
and an attemp to get a bit of film. This really was an experiment and one to be honest I felt on edge about and with only one camera was not sure how I was going to go about things.
Ok first off the Stepping Stone Studios is part of the Alley Cafe and as the name suggests is indeed up an alley which caused me to drive in circles eventually getting out of the car and walking to find the venue.
The next striking thing is it is not very large at all holding about seventy people. This did cause a few problems with All the Abvove who as a five piece band were rather squashed up.
That aside it kind of reminded me of a Jazz cafe from one of those old films  and the temptation to say things like 'nice' and 'smooth' was overwhelming at times.
Anyone reading this may think I was not over impressed with the place but don't be fooled I loved it.
Everyone was friendly and unlike the shows we have been doing recently at no time did I feel like one wrong word and I would end up rolled up in a carpet and in the boot of a car on a trip to god only knows where.
Add to that Beard man who had a beard only rivelled by that of Charlie Bronson and the night was complete with me thinkingI might go for growing another beard myself. The wife has very different thoughts on that subject to put not too fine an edge on things so the beard idea was promptly dropped.
Anyway I digress but check this cafe out in Maidstone and with music venues vanishing at an alarming pace respect to them for having bands play there.
For more info on both the studio and the cafe check out their website 
So lets get on with this. I did learn some stuff the main thing being it is not easy to film bands with one camera. The second don't wear a heavy coat or risk sweating ya balls off.

I have decided to spit the bands away from the venues as then I can do a bit about both
If you have come looking for my scribings about All the Above, Optional Rubber Duck or Hercity you'll find I have moved them off of this page and they are now on the tab up the top on the right. Or I suppose you could click their name here

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