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Published September 2013
After a recent piece by Dan including the dreaded words Safe MMA I decided to put my thoughts down.
Safe MMARecently my partner in crime Dan Towers wrote a piece about the Tommy King, Julez Loftus fight that was cancelled and the fallout that followed on everyone’s favourite, Facebook.
In that piece were a few lines about Safe MMA. In case you never read what was written I have put it here for you and for those that did read it let me refresh your memory.
With the big focus recently on Safe MMA, backed by U.C.M.M.A. which then made a U-turn and broke away from the organisation, the introduction of it has hardly made a difference.
In fact in my opinion, it has taken the focus away from the real issues.
Safe MMA want fighters to use Harley Street doctors for medicals, at the fighter's cost.
But as we all know - this is something fighters can ill afford.
In my opinion Safe MMA was quickly put together at a time when some referees at U.C.M.M.A. and Cage Warriors were questioning match fixing and the safety of fighters.
There were quite a few remarks made about this mostly concerning why this was included in the King / Loftus article but that is not really what I am interested in. But it goes to show those words 'Safe MMA' draw both interest and opinion.
Those dreaded words
What dreaded words? Safe MMA. Like the story of the Emperor's new clothes where the Emperor buys a set of clothes so fine that they are invisible to those unfit for their position, stupid or incompetent. It is only when a small boy, from the mouth of babes, shouts ‘The Emperor is not wearing any clothes’ as the big parade passes by that other people actually start to stand up and say something.
Rather like the feeding of the five thousand where upon Jesus cracked out his packed lunch leaving others feeling guilty enough to start, begrudgingly at first, to share their own lunch sorting out the problems of feeding 5000 people. One person set the ball rolling it was not until then that people said or did anything for fear of either, in today's terms, suddenly being removed from the guest list or being distanced from.
Before I go on, the Jesus thing was indeed a miracle but by an act of human kindness and not a case of ‘The Big Man’ saying something like ‘energise’ and the food appearing. At least I hope that’s right as when I am no longer in this mortal coil I will be in a world of shit when I have to answer for my behaviour.
Personally I don’t give a shit about either guest lists or being distanced from it wont be the first time or the last. You can gauge what people may say by the fact they either want to fight on one of the shows or work for them. That said the same people would also make comment that writers should be honest and not bow down to shows for fear of not being included in the press list. That aside those with the courage to have their say in the open if they agree with me or not should be respected for also standing by their opinion.
Your waffling get on with it
A quick recap about Safe MMA
Safe MMA was established in conjunction with Gyms and Promotions to establish standards including medicals for fighters in a practical and simple way to safe guard fighters safety.
This was hoped to be achieved by means of
  • Yearly Medicals
  • Twice a year blood tests
  • Database of competitors well-being
  • Affordable costs: Not for profit
  • Listed Promotions enforcing medically led suspensions.
  • Access to sports based medical advice that fighters can trust.
Such names as Rosi Sexton, Marc Goddard with promotions such as B.A.M.M.A., Cage Warriors and until recently U.C.M.M.A. with the addition of talented medical staff from Harley Street.
Let me make this clear.
This is not a pop at either Safe MMA or those involved as these people are all top quality people who I personally believe are involved with the project for all the right reason and their abilities in their fields should not be questioned especially by someone writing a piece on a Saturday afternoon for an internet website.

There is no doubt about it but the setting up of such a project was both a bold and complicated affair that burst onto the scene like the news of the underground atom smasher near Geneva.
After the oohs and ahhs died down everything went back too normal until recently when U.C.M.M.A. pulled out of Safe MMA due to a disagreement about a fighter. Now this is neither here nor there for me and rules are rules and to me it seems U.C.M.M.A. felt they could not agree with them and withdrew.
Please understand I am only speaking for myself and do not represent one single person apart from myself.
Give us your thoughts then for gods sake your boring me to tears. Fighters are fighters and martial arts have always carried a risk. The only real way to make MMA safe is to wear one of those big rubber suits like they used to wear on its a knockout.
Now as a fighter ( I am not by the way ) I personally would want to fight but I would expect there to be some kind of medical personnel at the promotion and personally would have checked out a show before I attended. Any half decent promoter will have medical staff in some form at the promotion and those that don’t need to be avoided.
Now as I don’t earn a great deal of money having to pay for medicals etc on top of my say £80+ a month for training is going to add another stress to not seeing my family after work. So straight away this looks elitist and only for those with money. After all I already squeeze money out of my friends for tickets.

For those of you who don’t know, fighters sell tickets for the show they are fighting on. I am not knocking this practice as promoters have it toughest of the bunch and I don’t really want too see people like the U.F.C. moving in due to promotions not being able to fund themselves and destroying the great shows we already have like the W.W.E. have done for wrestling. A few pyro’s and swooping camera cranes do not make a show.
Okay so its not pay no play almost like a union or gang.
Surely we could get blood tests and medicals done by our own doctor at a price that is less than by some Harley Street Doc. As an average Joe I have driven past Harley Street many times but I certainly could not afford to go book an appointment.
Maybe this means Safe MMA is not for people ‘like me ?’
Not for profit is a great phrase as it usually means people are paid a very good wage for their services. Know where I am going with this one and the gang theory?
Can the hard pressed Gyms and Promoters afford this and when there is a drop out, as we all know this is common place, can not rematch the fight at the last second due to the rules leaving those cash strapped fight fans disappointed.
I haven’t gone into a great frenzy researching this as it would take away from how things come across to more people than just me but it is something that has bothered me for some time. Personally it would be great for SAFE MMA to say OK we have have done a fine thing but how do people feel about this and yes we can improve it.
Respect to them all but it would be a shame for it too die I don’t believe I am the only person with these thoughts however clumsily put.
Thanks for reading this I am not one to usually to put myself in the limelight but it would be a crying shame for the cracks that are there if they do not have a plaster put on them.
Lets be honest SAFE MMA has the people and the talent to do so
Jon P
Read the original piece that inspired my ramblings here

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