Ross Priestner


Published June 2018

Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing
Stu Armstrong Interviews Ross Priestner who will be making his third appearance on the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Promotion on August 4th at Bowlers Exhibition Centre. His two previous bouts, the first against Red Brown on show three, who was his corner man on his second bout and will be returning to corner him this time, and his second against Paul Charleton on show four left him a loss and a win respectively. 

This time he will fighting Wayne Bourne who is a new name to me but anything can happen in B.K.B. so it all down to the day and how much work the fighters have put into the fight. 

Stu Armstrong interviews Ross Priestner at Smithy's Gym in this 19 minutes and 28 second interview so take a look around while your here and come back soon for more of the same.


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