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Published August 2015

April of this year at Raging Bull's Battleground 2 there was to be a fight which in my opinion was one of the best I have seen. This was a Bare Knuckle bout between two fighters who's names I was not familiar with at the time but are now burned firmly into my memory. The fighters were Stevie Gold and Ricky 'Nel' Nelder and what a fight it turned out to be. At the final bell I was unsure which way it was going to go. This time the winner was Stevie Gold, but why do I say 'this time' you may be wondering, then I will enlighten you.

Because at Raging Bull  Battle Ground 3  they are going to do it all over again and it is set to be an epic bout that should not be missed. Personally I can not wait for November 7th to come round and will be getting myself along to the Eyres Monsell Working Man's Club in Leicester.

In the meantime I have contacted both fighters for a chat. Ricky has taken some time out of his very busy schedule, this is what he said.

Ricky Nel NelderHi Ricky question one coming up.
Q. Your fight against Stevie Gold was a battle from beginning to end and looked close to me. What was you thinking while waiting for the result and did you did you think you had done enough to win?

 I thought it was very very close but yes I thought I won on aggression and significant punches landed, but I wasn't gutted as I know I fought crap n that was my own fault for underestimating Gold and the occasion. So if I was too cocky to train properly then perhaps I deserved to lose.
Q. What is your fight history how many bouts have you had before?
A. I'
ve been in and around boxing gyms for years but I have now had all together only 9 unlicensed fights, of which I drew my first, then I have lost 1 and won 7. After my only loss in gloved boxing I came back and won the rematch 6 weeks later. Plus obviously the one Bare Knuckle fight with Stevie.
Q. What drove you both to have a rematch and if the result is a reverse from the last bringing it too a draw will there be a third?

A. I
don't think I could have another fight until I settled the score with Stevie, as I felt low after and questioned my desire due to lack of training. But since the rematch has been arranged my hunger to train is back so I am happy and feeling as good as I have for years now, and yes I'm sure he will want a third after this one to end the trilogy haha.
Q. Have you seen the video footage and after seeing it was you happy with your performance and have you seen anything you want to improve on?

A. Yes and although I thought I had nicked it I was still very disappointed with myself due mostly to my awful fitness. I looked slow and did not throw enough decent combinations. I feel I let myself down to be honest.
Raging Bull
Q. Have you had much feedback about that fight?

A. Yes everybody says it was a great fight and Mr Gold is well known in Birmingham now.
Q. Was your opponent what you was expecting or did he surprise you at all?

A.I didn't know what to expect as didn't know much only heard he hadn't had many fights so maybe I underestimated him?? But I wont again haha he has my full respect. He is a tough lad!! He is a sound lad also, but gotta try forget that in few weeks!!

Q.Would you like to like to fight in the pit, which is generally smaller than a boxing ring, and how do you think it would fit in with your style of fighting?

A. Yes!! I am desperate to try that, that's the whole reason I got into Bare Knuckle so I could fight in the pit. I'm hoping Jay Wann can find me one after this fight.

Q. Do you come from a family of fighters be that Tradition Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing or are you the only fighter in the family?

A. Not in sports but my grandad's on both sides where known to be. As was my dad I've heard haha. But personally I only want to do it like this now.

Stevie Does Not Have It All His Own Way Q. So you are currently fighting but would you fancy taking on the role of a promoter at any time in the future?

A. No way haha, it must be really stressful especially when you have people pulling out of shows at the last minute. I personally think its more common problem in Bare Knuckle Boxing than it is in gloved.

Q. I have been asking this question a fair bit recently. I'm not sure how I feel about women doing Bare Knuckle Boxing. How do you feel about it?

A. Why not? It's up to them ain't it?
Q. Being the second fight between you two do you feel under more pressure. I think there will be a lot of interest in the rematch. Does this make any difference to any pre fight nerves you may or may not have?

A. Yes it probably does but I feel it is healthy pressure and as everyone knows I am different when I'm fit, so I am happy to have pressure on me to prove it now.
Q. And to finish things up is there anyone you would like to say hi, thanks or bollocks too?
A. Yes my trainer Anthony Hull and his coaching team. Brian and Pete from D and A boxing school. Jay Wann for setting this up and Stevie Gold for giving the chance of a rematch and lastly to the 60 Brummies who came to support me the last time and the 110 that are coming this time. Thank you all it means a lot.
So there we have it and a big thank you to Ricky I know he has been mega busy and has fitted doing this interview into a bit of spare time he had. To get tickets for the rematch, and trust you will not want to miss it.

Ricky can also be found on  Facebook  as can  Raging Bull Leicester  where you can find out if Raging Bull are near where you live. I'm Jon P, this is Cage Amateurs UK please come again soon for more Combat Sport.

To finish off here is the video of the first time Stevie and Nel met

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