Rebecca Davies


Published July 2012

Rebecca Davies
As part of our on-going series of interviews with up-and-coming fighters Martial News group editor Phil Doherty talks to Rebecca Davies who makes her debut in the cage later this year...

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NAME Rebecca Davies
GYM/CLUB: Dogs of War, Cardiff

PHIL DOHERTY: Hello Rebecca: Could you tell the readers a little about your background and how you became involved in Martial Arts?

Rebecca Davies: My background is 25 years in all aspects of security and 20 years on door. I got involved properly in martial arts last year when I was told about a great coach named Sam John who teaches out of the Dogs of War gym, Cardiff. So I went to see him.

PD: What arts have you trained in?

RD: I had done some basic boxing and  Kempo Karate but Sam taught M.M.A. which I’ve always supported but didn't know  where to go. Sam's way is the tough way, he doesn't hold back so that makes you a tougher person. Fitness is a big part of Sam's training.
PD: What made you want to become a fighter, what drives you and why? Explain to me what drives you? Why do you push yourself so hard?
Rebecca Davies
RD: My mum died seven years ago and I  needed an outlet for my anger. This channels my aggression in a good way. This  is my drive.
PD: Who is your hero or heroine and why  are they an inspiration?
RD: I have local inspirations such as KC Kendall who’s always there for me, Jamie Rogers, our skilled fighter, Jamie Evans, another skilled fighter and Tanya Merrett, my friend aiming for world Thai boxing championships and of course Rosi Sexton and Lisa Higo also for obvious reasons.
PD: What is your daily training regime? Explain to the readers what you do to train on a daily basis? 
RD: I train Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in M.M.A. and and step it up with the boys and do extra when training for a fight. I am also starting Thai boxing as I love those kicks.
PD: What experience do you have fight-wise? Can you tell the readers some of your most memorable encounters fight-wise whether points, semi-contact or full contact?
Rebecca DaviesRD: I've had one boxing match which I lost on points But I learned so many lessons from that. I'm making my MMA debut this year.

PD You have stepped up to the mark at a relative mature age… do you think that this is an advantage or a disadvantage?
RD: I do have to train hard, at 42-years-old it seems tough. I also suffer from arthritis which I brush off a lot and shouldn't.
PD: Where do you see yourself going in the future?
RD: Who knows about the future, I may have one fight or 10 left in me but I'm a Nan of two and at the moment feel healthy strong and fit. I am hoping to go on the referees' training course so I can still be a part of M.M.A. when I can’t fight. I would like to say my coach Sam John is an inspiration also at 53 he's still going strong and the youngsters can't get the better of him yet.

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