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Published March 2013

Between this being written and the show taking place pressure was put on the venue to cancel the show. James has since held a successful show.
Quinn promotions are holding their first show on April 7th in Newcastle. The big fight on the card is between promotion owner James Quinn and local man Mark Greener. It will be James Quinn’s first fight with gloves on since his early teens. The fight is under White Collar rules and will consist of three, three minute rounds. Mark Greener, is an experienced fighter who has a very powerful punch. Being the local lad he will surely bring in a big crowd for the Newcastle based Boxer. James is well known across the World because of his star roll in the Knuckle documentary. Both men are a similar age and in all honesty I think even James will admit that Mark is the more experienced at the White Collar style. They are also raising money for young Cain Burns who suffers from Cerebral Palsy We caught up with both fighters threw a quick couple of questions at them each and here is what they told us.

James Quinn
James Quinn it’s a pleasure to speak to you again...

Q/ How are you getting ready for this fight and how different is this to your usual style of fighting?

A/ Well firstly I have just started training today. I have nine and a half weeks to prepare and I will be working hard for the fight. I will fight how I always have, with my own style and technique.
Q/ How do you feel about putting the Ten ounce gloves on instead of B.K.B. style?

A/ I have not competed with gloves since I was boxing as a young kid. It is a challenge and from what I have seen of Mark he is a great fighter and I have so much respect for the guy. He is competing in his hometown which will be great for him. 

Q/ What are you expectations for the show?

A/ We want a big crowd to come along and support all the fighters on the show. This is a public invite event so everybody is welcome. Tickets are available on our website for all to purchase. We have Mixed Martial Arts , Bare Knuckle Boxing and White Collar Boxing, so it’s a fantastic mix of styles for all fight fans. It is a must attend event for everyone.

Thanks so much James and now we talk to Mark. 
Mark Greener
Mark is forty four and from Newcastle.

Hi Mark thanks so much for doing the interview.

Q/ Tell us a bit about your previous fights?

A/ I was a Kick Boxer from 1995-2001. I now only train and do Boxing. Last year I had five title fights and won one. I also competed under the B.B.U. against John Stevens for his title, it was a close fight but I just missed out and lost that one.

Q/ How do you feel about taking the fight and the opponent you are up against in James?

A/ I was honoured to be asked to fight James. We are raising money for the young kid which makes it even better.

Q/ Is it a confidence boost the fact you will be fighting in your home town? 

A/ It is always a great honour to fight in your home town and I am sure it will be a night I will remember. 

This is going to be a big show. Whether you’re an M.M.A. Boxing or B.K.B. fan this show will have it all. We will be catching up with James late in February for an exclusive video interview on Quinn promotions. 

Everyone is welcome so please get along and show your support for the two gentlemen above and the rest of the warriors on the show.


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