Pippa LVinn


Published August 2012
Pippa L'Vinn

When looking for a female wrestler to interview, my research made me come across Pippa L'vinn. After reading about her and looking at all her videos on YouTube I knew I needed to get her on the site. She has been all over the world in her career and has appeared on TV a number of times across the World. Her website shows all her great attributes and she was P.W.G.A CHAMPION from 2002-2005. She has dedicated her life to wrestling and is still contributing in the training of female wrestlers from her gym The Wrestling Factory in Manchester. Pippa is old school style and she tells us all about her life and journey through Wrestling. We will put some links to her YouTube videos and you can find out more by going to her 
Name            Pippa L’vinn
Age               Fight me for it (I kindly refuse and apologise for asking a ladies age)
Home Town  Manchester
[email protected]        Her own gym
Here was what the great female ambassador had to say……..

Cage Amateurs UK:  Could you tell us what sparked your interest in wrestling?

Pippa L'Vinn: I Fell into it by accident. I had done Judo and Taekwondo but just really liked it and then got into the professional stuff later on.
CA: You have been on shows across the globe, what and where is your fondest memory?

PL: They have all been interesting and it is great to meet new people but I did enjoy Johannesburg, South Africa. We did TV taping with a live audience as well. Very interesting and I learned a lot. Also working in the U.S.A. was a lot of fun and I have many friends over there.
Wrestling Gym
CA: You run the Wrestling factory in Manchester. Do you enjoy the teaching part more, or the days of travelling and wrestling on the shows?

PL: I really enjoy teaching now but all the travelling got me down especially up and down the country, one night Plymouth and the next Scotland, it was too much. I prefer to stay at home and do more local shows around the North West much easier and more enjoyable.
CA: Do you have many female member's and can you see a future for them in the UK?

PL: I work with lots of female wrestlers, they are a great bunch and some are very very good and I see great things for them. There are a few Scottish ladies who do a great job up North, Nikki Storm, Kay Leigh Ray, Carmel, Sara to name just a few there is also Shelby Beach, Lisa Fury April David's etc....
CA: Are there many youngsters getting involved, as Mixed Martial Arts are the big thing at the moment?

PL: There are always young ladies wanting to start but some do not last as they find out very quickly how hard this game really is. Once addicted it just becomes a way of life.
Pippa L'VinnCA: How does wrestling now compare to when you started?
PL: Slower, when I started I was working 5/6 nights a week and loads of touring. There are many up's and down's in the cycle of wrestling but at the moment it seems to be rather slow but I am sure it will pick up again very soon.
CA: Do you think wrestling is picking up again after a big slump following World of Sport going off air?

Pippa L'VinnPL: Wrestling has changed a lot since those days, it is more open and many youngsters are doing shows and training camps but these are sometimes not very good.
CA: Do you watch any of the U.S.A.wrestling such as W.W.E. and T.N.A?

PL: I watch stuff if I am training for a new move but otherwise I am happy to leave it all at work. Enough is enough !!!
CA: Is Kurt Angle wrestling’s biggest inspiration and ambassador?

PL: I enjoy watching him and he has done really well but I do not follow any of these superstars.I like the old school stuff more to be honest.
CA: Can you give us the names of any future stars that you are training?

PL: I work with but do not train Jenny Sjodin she is great. Dedicated, passionate and a true professional. Good luck to her, she deserves it. Awesome attitude.
CA: Will you be watching the Olympic wrestling?

PL: YES of course, we have all got to cheer them on we should support all our athletes no matter what, they do a very hard job.
Thank you very much for taking your time to talk to us Pippa hopefully we will talk soon. More can be found out about Pippa  by visiting her website at or by clicking the link for her Facebook Fan Page or at The Wrestling Factory

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