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Published February 2015

The greatest double since the Jab/Cross Kris Megaw and Andy Juby catch up with B.K.B. fighter Paul Bunney. Now calling their combined effort BBB it will certainly make it difficult to tell them apart. On the plus side if there are any dodgy questions they can blame each other Jon P

Our interview with newly signed Heavyweight fighter Paul Bunney is without doubt the longest ever! Make a cuppa, grab a beer, sit back and have a read! Be warned, this bloke just won't stop talking!

Bbad New EraBBB: Why Duracell?

PB: I could come up with lots of stories about why I use it as my boxing name, but to be 100% honest, a promoter asked me if I had a boxing name and the first thing I said was Duracell cos I thought it was funny! I did think of having "funny" as well lol, funny Bunney....

BBB: Right down to business! Can you tell us a bit about your fighting history?

PB: My first proper fights of any kind, (excluding me and my brother battering each other every night when we were younger!), were just town fights, and that was a case of a big right hand and run off before the police catch me!!!

My first fight as a sport was a couple of years back in boxing..... but I'll talk about that a bit later!

BBB: Which sport was that Paul?

PB: White Collar Boxing.

BBB :What weight do you box at?

PB : 105 kilos, about 16 and a half stone. I fight as a Heavyweight. I started but never fought as a Cruiserweight, then living the dream turned me into a Heavyweight!

BBB: Whats your fight record?

PB: My fight record is 100% - I've never won a fight hahaha! Had 5/6 drawn one and lost the rest , on paper I'm a shit fighter, but we don't fight on paper so I'm good with it, I've been f******d by most local promoters round here, (Swindon) -I'm the man they love to hate haha.

AJ: Yes, Paul, that is a pretty shit record, I have a shit record too, a Val Doonican L.P. You are obviously not happy with your experience in W.C.B.

PB: That's why I chose to come to BKB as there is always a clear winner, and it doesn't usually take long!

BBB: Before we discuss your upcoming fight with Billy Hawthorn, could we talk about your last fight in W.C.B.- we have researched the newspaper articles, and it all got a bit messy to say the least.....can you tell us what actually happened?

PB: My planned last fight was against John Belcher - now, with this, I firstly have to say that what I say is the truth, and that I have full respect for John, as this show was in memory of his son who unfortunately lost his life at an early age.

As far as the night went though it f*****g kicked off haha.

I got to the venue about 20 mins before the fight, done my medical, got changed and did a a little warm up. They asked what size gloves I wanted to fight in, he said 16's, I said 10's, he agreed then my name gets called so, BBAD hoodie goes on, hood up, past the crowd calling me all sort of shit. I had to put my gloves on in the ring so the ref could check them, and was still putting them on as John came to the ring with a standing ovation!

As this is going on, some kiddie is standing by the ring gobbing off at me , you know, the usual bullshit, so security drag him away, the fight starts and I go to touch gloves with John, he doesn't touch back, I've hit him with a jab, cross, right uppercut and put him out on his feet, I carried on hitting until the ref told me to stop!

As the ref pulled me away, I felt what felt like a mosquito bite on my left temple. It ain't no mosquito, it's the mouthy kiddie from before the fight who has jumped in and left hooked me from behind, so I turned around and threw a few and then got wrestled to the floor and pinned down. the only thought I can remember thinking in that ring was " this c**t hasn't got gloves on and I'm trying to hit him with pillows on my hands." Within about 30 seconds the ring had filled up with people wanting to tear me apart!

I was buzzing for it, but held back by security. I got escorted out to the dressing room with my corner man, and kept in the changing room for 20 mins then escorted by security out the fire exits to my car in a local car park!!!!

I walked in, f*****d shit up........then left haha!

Unfortunately, there's been an official statement etc etc etc, same old politics shit. For the next two days me and the Mrs got loads of shit abuse, I can take it but when they get family involved, it becomes a whole different story.

Paul BunneyBBB: That's bang out of order, we can see why you are pissed off with it! Your 'Missis' that the lovely Dani, who we saw you propose to in the ring?

PB: Yes mate

BBB: There are probably loads of BBAD fans, and even fighters, who would love to propose, or be proposed to in the ring! Joe will probably get a shitload of requests now asking about it! What was that like? Did she know what you were going to do or was it a surprise for her?

PB: It was a spur of the moment thing, I always knew it would happen, and always thought that I would do it in style, but then I thought, am I doing it for me and her or for everyone else. But on the night, I didn't care about anyone else, I did it for her and me and the reason for doing it in front of thousands of people was to show her and others exactly how I felt about her!

I've spent most of my life in swindon and for many reasons, I'm well known, so wanted everyone to see that this is the girl I wanna spend the rest of my life with, and it was in front of most of the people I know. So they could see how much she means to me. I have to say I've put her through so much shit since we been together,it baffles me why she is still here, some one once said something like the best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your problems, weaknesses and mistakes, and still thinks you're amazing. I'm not to sure about the amazing bit, but were getting married in August so there has to be something there haha!

BBB: Congratulations on your wedding mate! You just said that you spent most of your life in Swindon for many reasons- I'm a bit apprehensive about asking you this', during our Google searches, we saw that you have been a rather naughty fella in the past; it's no secret and is there for everybody to read, do you want to talk about it?

PB: As you say Google isn't my best friend when it comes to searching for me, but it does make for interesting / funny reading lol I, have got a chequered past, mostly around drugs and violence. I've spent time in prison, time on tag, community service , fines, chased by dogs, helicopters, fat police men with tasers ..... the lot lol, but I won't go into all the bits and pieces as I'm trying, and succeeding, to put it all behind me.....and I may get myself into more if this is evidence.............." no comment" haha!

BBB: Well we'll leave that there then! How did you get into BKB?

PB: To be honest, I can't remember how I stumbled across BKB, I obviously knew what it was and the less legal side of it- I'm sure something popped up on Facebook about BBAD, so I joined the group, started talking to Joe and Aaron, two of the nicest, most genuine people I know, and I seemed to fit in! Next thing, I've signed a contract to fight!

BBB: From what you have seen so far, how would you compare White Collar with Bare Knuckle?

PB: When I starting watching the fights and seeing that this was a much fairer way of boxing compared to W.C.B., even if I was fighting a home fighter in his own town, the respect is there and also someones getting f****d up, so there can be no shit decisions like I've experienced in White Collar. So me and the Mrs went up to Newcastle for a BBAD event and I loved it, the respect, the friendliness towards me and Dani was brilliant, no one knew us, no one had to take time out to get to know us but everyone did. I didn't realise how far Newcastle was away though, I swear I seen the North Pole on the way up there.

BBB: On 21st Feb, just over two weeks away, you are fighting a very popular and established BKB fighter, Billy Hawthorn. How do you feel about the fight as it gets closer?

PB: So yeh, I'm fighting Billy on the next show, and first of all I'd like to say that I've got a massive amount of respect for him, and everyone involved in BKB and BBAD!

BBB: So you have seen him in action if you were at Newcastle last time?Paul Bunney Gets That Sinking Feeling

PB: As I said, I was at Newcastle so yes, I saw his BKB fight, and I've watched a few of his fights.

BBB: What do you make of his spectacular fighting style?

PB: Well he's very quick to say the least, and it looks like it's hard to get inside his guard...

BBB: So how are you going to beat him?

PB: Look, I could make a prediction about the result, I've done that with all my fights and look where its got me haha, it doesn't matter if I'm fighting a match stick man or superman! I'm not scared of anyone, and have never turned down a fight.

I fight to win and truly believe that if your'e a good loser and accept defeat well.......your'e a born loser......that's not taking anything away from your opponent, if he's better than me or worse or what ever the result! I will always shake his hand and buy him a drink and have full respect for them but losing doesn't sit well with me....... I'm f***ing used to it and it got to the point to where I would say even if I knocked someone out, I'd still lose............ and that's exactly what happened in my last W.C.B. fight, I've been boxing for two years and it's a common joke now that when I walk into a gym I'd lose or draw, even if I was on the bag or shadow boxing or anything in life!!! wankers haha!

BBB: Well that was short and to the point! (not!) we mentioned, and as you know, Billy is a very popular fighter and will have a lot of people rooting for him. How do you feel about that?

PB: I'm used to it haha! On a serious note, it would be great to get a few cheers when I walk into the ring for a change haha!

BBB: So is there anything that you would like to say to the fans and indeed the P.P.V. viewers that might encourage them to support you?

PB: I'd like to say to all the fighters and fans that are going to be in Newcastle or watching on P.P.V. you're gonna get your monies worth! As soon as you hear my entrance music, its gonna take the roof off and the fight will make sure it doesn't come back down!

BBB: Any last words for your opponent?

PB: Yeah, mine's a double rum and coke please!
What a marathon! Paul would like to thank everyone within Bbad for making him feel welcome, from the phone calls, text, and facebook comments, messages,and all the banter he has with people on the site......we hope you enjoyed the maga read, personally, we think this guy could send a pyschiatrist into a straight jacket......Duracell definitely means he lasts six times longer!

Adios for now, fight fans!

Kris and Andy
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