Optional Rubber Duck

Optional Rubber Duck

Well as I was there already it seemed a shame not to check out the next band. Asked if I could film them and I guess as I had pretty much got the glass end pointing towards the band during the last set they figured it would be ok. I knew nothing about this band either but they had some people come to see them so either they were good or there fans were deaf and just turned up out of loyalty.
I figured the singer looked like he knew what he was doing, couldn't really see the drummer, the bass played looked like bass players always look. You know like they may pull a small mammal out of there pocket and bite it's head off while still playing with their other hand. Just to belay any fears no mammals or any creatures were pulled from anywhere during this performance and no heads were bitten off. 
Now... the second guitarist seemed a nice enough guy but his hat had a mind of it's own and is possibly responsible for me not always paying as much attention as I should to what was going on. At one point said hat made a break for the door and after a request from the singer was launched back from the crowd having been tacked to the ground by one of the 'duckheads' who had up to this point been happily singing along.
This reminded me of a time I went to see The Damned many years back and someone managed to part Captain Sensibles beret from his head only for it to be seen flying through the air for the next minute or two resulting in a silence from the stage as the Captain refused to play on until it was returned.
Only slightly more bizarre was the following week or so 'The Bollock Brothers'  played at the same venue only to have a member of the band who they fondly called 'The sex dwarf' to suffer the same fate eventually being returned to the stage somewhat unceremoniously with a thump but now a crowd favourite. 
Ok lets do some facts:
The Band Line Up Is - JR - Guitar and Vox,  Karl - Bass,  Pinky - Guitar, Bass and Vox,  Broom - Drums and Vox
Optional Rubber DuckGenre - Punk Rock/Pop Punk/Pop Rock/Chip Shop/Hot Top/Don't Stop
Hometown - Maidstone, Kent, UK

Record label - No Bubbles Here
General Manager - Theodore Long
Influences - Bowling For Soup, New Found Glory, Rage Against the Machine, B*witched
Current Location - United Kingdom

Contact info -

Press Contact 
I fucking loved them. The songs were catchy the lyrics brilliant, interaction between the band and their fans was constant. Everyone in that room became part of the band for the duration of the set with plenty of chance for the audience to sing along. Sing along they did. Even strings having to be replaced on guitar 2 due to brakages did not break their pace with the rest of the band doing a version of the theme tune to the tv program 'The Prince of Bel-Air' while the offending strings were being replaced.
I never quite knew what was going to happen next with JR suddenly going walk about towards the crowd, meanwhile Pinky's hat changing position on his head everytime I looked away for a second. I have this gut feeling that even If I saw them another hundred times I would still be none the wiser about what their next move may be.
With titles like Jackie Chan, Girl At The Movies and the excellent Going Home to finish if you went to see this band and didn't enjoy yourself then I would seriously concider finding a cupboard and locking yourself in it for the remainder of your life or contacting your local GP for a course of fun medication.
They call it Punk/Pop personally I don't think you can argue with that and will go and see them again but without camera and with best singing voice.
Check these people out.

More video will follow

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