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Published June 2013

I'm going to let the boxers do the talking but it just goes to prove that however good the show, promoting a Boxing, Cage or even a Traditional Martial Arts Tournament is no easy task. Tyrone puts a lot of effort into the matching up of the bouts, as do our other Promoter friends so if you haven't got the bottle to turn up it's simple. Don't say yes to the fight in the first place. Apart from messing your opponent around, The Promoter and the people who have paid their hard earned cash you make yourself look a dick. Now this is not aimed at anyone from this show or any other but on our travels we see it all the time. I'm not talking the genuine injuries but some people make a career of not turning up. Tyrone was having a hell of a day but with some quick thinking and Rogues coming out the wood work the public would never have known. In fact there were guys turning up in the hope that they would get a fight which is testament to both the show and Tyrone. Ok, if it isn't for you (remember just walking past the ring don't make you a boxer) do what I did and buy A BLOODY CAMERA !!!

Now that was a hell of a long way too say Well done to Tyrone and The Rogues
Boxing at the Monaghan's Prizefighters Fight Night 3 show held in Didcot on 28th June 2013.

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