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Publish July 2012
The M.A.A.S.I.F was back at Medway Park this weekend and we were there to watch the proceedings. Leo Alderman has chosen a different venue this time and the M.A.A.S.I.F. has moved from its old home in Ashford to what I personally think is a better venue at The Medway Park, Leisure Centre in Gillingham Kent. The added bonus being that Dan and I only live two miles away saving us time travelling and meaning we could stay in bed longer. At this point having just read back I would like to point out that it is different bed. Moving on. A slight change to the registration process meant there was two or so hours to get registered depending what event you were taking part in. This gave the false impression that things were a bit on the quiet side as at the last Tournament there were queues going out of the  hall door causing delays in the fights getting started. This time as it turned out Leo had made a brilliant move the the initial lack of numbers soon changed to the usual busy assortment of fighters as the popular Strike and Grapple, now renamed Amateur Mixed Martial Arts, contestants arrived in numbers. The larger hall mean't that there was more room for the matted areas and also the bonus of other free space for the fighters to practice while they
waited there turn.
The organisation looked good from where I was with a steady stream of fights taking place and the officials were of a high standard keeping control of the situation which mean't the attending Paramedic only had a couple of incidents to deal with which at a large Tournament despite the referees keeping a tight reign is bound to happen. A familiar face for us here at Cage Amateurs UK was present refereeing the M.M.A. in the form of Daniel Movahedi a former fighter now turned promoter who along with Stephen Doran is half of the FURY M.M.A. Team who have a show coming up on September the 8th which is well worth going along to with some great fights on the card.
Amongst the other referees there was Jake "Brutal" Bostwick a current M.M.A. fighter who can be seen regularly on the U.C.M.M.A. card. We were lucky enough to grab an Interview with Jake before the end of the day which can be see below along with footage and Images of the day.
One of the M.A.A.S.I.F. regulars is Premier M.M.A. based in N.W. London and is run by Chris Foran. We spoke to Chris briefly during a break in the action who told us that the Gym has been Jake Bostwickopen since 1996 which prompted us to enquire to what makes Premier the producers of such quality young fighters who we have witnessed both at this M.A.A.S.I.F. and the previous one in Ashford plus various other M.M.A. shows. Chris said " The gyms are very family orientated and he sticks to the ways of Traditions Martial Arts and mixes that with a combination of great instructors and that is what makes Premier the great success it is" which was clear by the 11 trophies his team were taking back to South Harrow N.W. London and Eascote in Middlesex from the Medway Park in Gillingham. While there we also spoke to Alex Callum who trains at Premier M.M.A. who we asked what makes him train there rather than any other gym. He told us "Chris has so much experience and the staff are full time and are dedicated to developing those that train their skills." He also commented on the atmosphere of training at such a family orientated gym. For further Information there website is
We also spoke to Dan Movahedi FURY M.M.A. match maker and friend of Cage Amateurs UK who was refereeing at this event and asked what he thought of the standard of fighters he had seen on the busy mats while officiating. He said " He was very impressed with all the various goings on through the tournament" and when it was suggested he should keep an eye out for future FURY M.M.A. Fighters He laughed and replied "Don't worry I'm already on the case." 
As at the last M.A.A.S.I.F. we had trouble keeping Leo Alderman still for five minutes as he darted around on his duties as event organiser.but he did agree to do us an Interview at a later date when things were less hectic. Leo runs the Fighting Lions based in Herne Bay where a full program of Fitness and Martial Arts is practised. Leo is a man of many talents and if not teaching or organising tournaments he can be found promoting stars from television and music or keeping Cage Shows supplied with girls from his company  LSA Management.
Leo Can be contacted at or by personal message on Facebook
MAASIF Summer Open 
The only downside of the day was our end but we did get some footage which we have put below.

First Published Sunday 29th July 2012

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