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Published February 2014 
Lisa Lights Out McCallum
Name: Lisamarie Delia Shirley Kathleen McCallum
Age: 19
Trains: Bloodline Fight Team
Weight: 65kg
Location: London
Record: 4-0-0

It is always good to have an interview with the ladies who grace the Combat Sport scene be that as a fighter, medic, promoter or any of the many jobs required to bring shows or tournaments too the public. Today our Lou Lou speaks to a beautiful young lady who is carving a furrow through the male dominated world of Mixed Martial Arts. I hope you enjoy this interview with this no nonsense Cage Fighter carrying the nickname of 'Lights Out'. 
My full name is Lisamarie Delia Shirley Kathleen McCallum, (Not many people know that) but I am more commonly known as Lisa 'Lights Out' McCallum. 
I am 19 and live at home with my beautiful mum, my daddy and my 3 amazing brothers, Tom, Archie and Kevin.
I am a Romany Gypsy girl, pure, anyone can get a trailer and travel around and call them self a traveler, but being a gypsy is who you are, it's in your blood. I'm proud of who I am and where I came from. I was born and raised on Montague Road Romany Gypsy Site with my family, in North London. 
We have a big family my mother is the youngest of 12. All gypsy girls can cook and clean well, (and in my case FIGHT well!) and we are not allowed to leave our homes until we are married off.
My mother was 16- 17 when she met my daddy on the site, he was there doing the Tarmac, they fell in love and so my nan gave them her plot to live on.
My daddy was a body builder and my mum used to train with him and have me in my carrycot or chair next to them. So you may as well say I've been at home in a gym all my life.
No boyfriends, I will be married off one day so i'll wait till then :)
Interests aside from my Mixed Martial Arts.... Mmmm. I love to draw and design, I used to share my work with a tattoo artist, but now am fully committed to M.M.A. so any other time i have I just like to spend it with my family.
Lou, you ask me about the transition from Cage Fighter to girly girl back and forth. In the cage I'm 'Lisa Lights Out' and am the British Champion in M.M.A. Out of the cage  I'm Lisamarie, the only change is there's times when you have got to flick that switch on and go to war, but how I carry myself 'tanned skin, long hair, nice clothes, big earrings etc....' some say its the gypsy in me....but its just me! 
Lisa Lights Out McCallumWhen I fight I try to look my best and stay marketable. I like to see guys go from'' OMG look at Lisa Lights Outs butt'', to ''WOW did you see that elbow !''
I fight at 65kg and my record is 4-0-0 and i am the Female British K1 Champion :)
I train and fight out of 'Bloodline Fight Team EKBJJ' under Professor Eddie Kone who holds the rank of Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Legendary BJJ and M.M.A. fighter Royler Gracie, making Eddie Royler’s first European Black Belt.
Uncle Eddie Kone has seen me grow from a girl to a woman. It was him who made my dream of becoming a pro fighter a reality. There's no 'I' in T E A M and that's what I love about Bloodline, we are one family, an academy with no ego, nothing but love and amazing skill. I'm always ready 110% mentally and physically when it comes to war. Bloodline always come to fight !
I also work very close with Ian Wilson a professional boxing coach down at Sparta 300, a small man with an unbelievable eye for boxing, and a killer smile.. :) 
I love my team and know how very blessed I am to have them around me supporting me.
I train all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts such as: Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Gracie Jiujitsu.
My sponsor is Scramble : Fight Wear which looks amazing and feels amazing, so comfortable to train in.
I would say my war with Stacy Hayes was one of my most memorable fights but top place goes to the fight I had in Chicago USA. With only me and my daddy for 3 weeks it was the worse experience of my life, the flying affected my training bad, and my diet was very disturbed. Also I was so home sick I missed my mother and 3 brothers. 
As soon as I laid eyes on my opponent at the press conference and weigh ins, I knew I was going to maker her suffer because of how bad i was feeling from the flying and everything else, someone had to pay for how much i missed my family and there was no way I was coming home empty handed. I was bringing home the win ....  And I DID !!
I called my mother the second I won and I cried and cried to hear her voice and hear how happy she was for me :) . My mother said she knew I could do it and she was so proud of me, we both cried again both overwhelmed to hear the others happiness !!!  
It really tested me as a fighter mentally and physically.  
Flying the flag for the English and bringing home the win was amazing, it was the worse but best experience of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I try to stay in contact with fans and keep then posted with updates best way I can and Facebook and Twitter are good ways of doing it. I do come across some weirdos but it don't bother me, if anything it makes giggle. I'm a female in a male dominated sport, you are going to get the odd weirdo pop up, it happens.
My next fight is on Killacam on 22nd March, but can't say no more about that :)
In the next 12 months I will take every fight as it comes and also will drop from 65 kg to 61kg and get my chance to fight on Invicta. I will fight anyone, its not my job to pick and choose, I will fight anyone that wants to get in the cage. 
You've asked me who do i admire most in the fight world.......
Lisa Lights Out McCallumFor a start my grandfather. He was a very strong and powerful gypsy man who was loved and respected by everyone. Even though he's no longer here in person, 'God rest his soul', he is always with me. He's there, he carries me through the hard times and is always beside me when I fight.
Eddie Kone: my head coach and Martial Arts icon small dude with big Jiu Jitsu , someone I look up to as a coach, an uncle, a brother and friend, I'm proud to fly the EK flag when I fight.
Dave Noble:'Brutal Muay Thai coach, loveliest man you could ever meet and someone who grew up with my family' and my team.  Bloodline Fight Team EKBJJ for standing by me, and all the guys down at Sparta 300. 
Ian Wilson: What can I say! We connected from the start. A small man with a heart of gold with fists of fury and smile that would melt you. He opened my eyes to boxing and helped me develop the beautiful sport..... there's a good reason why I am called 'Lights out' :)
Just wanna say big thank you for this amazing interview I've really enjoyed answering the questions, so I want to say big thanks to you beautiful Lou Lou, coz we were like love at first sight, connected from the start, its crazy when we're together...Team Crazy all the way !!!!
To end this off, I got to say My Mum and Daddy are my greatest support.
My mother is amazing, it doesn't matter where we go, she will always be talking about or telling people about me .. she's always getting her phone out showing people pictures. When I became British Champion we took the belt down to the bingo and she was showing it off .... so proud lol..... I love her to death ..... xxx
I love all my fans they are there 24/7 for me and i really do appreciate it and I love everyone who stood by me and supported me from the start.
I'm truly blessed ...Much love your very own Gypsy Queen Lisa Lights Out McCallum xxx

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