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Published December 2013
Honest Ernest
Now when I say we have neglected the wrestling I mean on the UK side of things, the last show we attended was with Dropkixx, top quality stuff. Now we don't mess around as you know so I took the bull by the horns and would you believe it 'Charity Wrestling Alliance' have a show coming up.
So quicker than Honest Earnest Stirling could have the wheels of ya motor I dropped their top man, a Mr Karl Edward Trotter, a line and asked if it was possible to grab an interview about the C.W.A. and to maybe pop along to the show and get some footage.
He replied, I rang him the next day, and things were arranged. Somewhat rudely a guest came to my house and I was forced to terminate what was a very interesting chat with a very decent guy.
So lets do it. Seconds Away Round One
Thanks for chatting with me Karl
Hi Jon thanks for getting in touch with me, it's good to talk to you. I noticed you mentioned Dropkixx. They are a great group of people, everybody from the ring crew and the ring announcer all the way up to the Don himself, Mr Jon Ritchie. I have been to every Dropkixx show this year, they have had a great year and it's been a pleasure to watch.
Q/  The C.W.A. raises funds for a very worthy cause ( check out the links at the bottom people ). How did the show come into being?
CWA FansA/ It was an idea that I had talked about with my nephew Grant over the years. We are both big on charity and had always wanted to promote a wrestling show. It made sense to combine the two. We spent countless hours watching British wrestling on the internet becoming familiar with the wrestlers and promotions. It was in October 2012 Grant suggested we go and check out Lazer Lagden at Dropkixx.  We were impressed with Lagden and a number of other wrestlers on the roster and decided these guys could do with a bit more exposure.
After talking to a friend Julian Cassar about running the business side of things we made the decision to go ahead and promote the charity show, which was in support of Help For Heroes.  The success of the show was comforting and rewarding enough to warrant doing another show, so that's how we have got to Battle For British Hearts.
Q/ I know wrestling has been a big part of your life until life played a cruel trick meaning that you could no longer actively wrestle. Down on the canvas but not out for the count you are now the joint promoter of your own show. This comes with a multitude of challenges, few rewards and as the show gets nearer sleepless nights. How are you finding promoting a show of this nature? 
A/ Running a show certainly presents it's fair share of challenges but this is what makes working with Julian so great. He handles the financial and business side of things, which gives me and Grant more freedom to concentrate on the wrestling.  
We work on the overall show together with each of us having our own responsibilities, this helps share the load of any stress that may present itself. We are a good team that can talk through any problems that may arise and find a solution. I handle all the internet and promotional aspects such as the website, Facebook, twitter and you tube pages. I book the wrestlers and the matches and set up the charity aspect, all of which I enjoy very much. 
Q/ You have a great card of wrestlers. How do you go about getting people to wrestle on your show. By that I mean you haven''t cut any corners with the guys, sorry and ladies, at the 'Battle For British Hearts'?
Lazer Lagden
A/ Most of the wrestlers in the CWA were hand picked and asked personally, others have approached us asking for a spot.  I get e-mails every week from different wrestlers wanting to be part of a CWA show.  
I can't say enough about how much the people on the CWA roster mean to me.  I know it sounds cliche but they feel almost like family. I talk to them all the time about their matches, characters and story lines, making sure that everything we do means something from the moment their music hits to the moment they go back to the locker room. I never dictate what I want, I lay out my ideas and we work together tweaking and bouncing ideas until everybody is happy.  
I have got to know them on a personal level over the last year or so and can honestly say they are some of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met in my life. I am proud to have them as part of the CWA.
Q/ I'm going to play devils advocate here and ask about the ladies. Now personally  I don't find women's sport as good as men's. Now before anyone bites my head off let me finish. We do a lot of Cage Fighting shows and I have seen some ladies wrestling, and I have to say the ladies are at least of an equal standard and as dynamic as the guys. In some cases better. How do you feel about that clumsily put statement? 
A/ No problem Jon, I understand the reasoning behind your advocacy, and I appreciate the chance to speak on this. So please allow me to take the devil and deliver a clubbing forearm smash straight in his face.  
British women's wrestling right now is the best it has ever been. There are some fantastically talented ladies out there right now that will give you as good of a match as the men, these ladies can hold their own. It is perhaps true that women's wrestling is not taken seriously, but I believe this is due to the poor use and representation of women in mainstream American wrestling. British women's wrestling is very popular right now, it is going from strength to strength with more and more all female promotions popping up and places like IPWUK promoting all female shows. It proves to me that these ladies are just as interesting and popular as their male counterparts.  

Q/ You have a great site on Wordpress which has all the information you could want and I notice all the wrestlers have Facebook / twitter info which is good for the fans to be able to see whats going on with their favourites. Do you feel this to be an important part to get people involved and wanting to come to the shows. I personally feel it makes you all more approachable.
A/ Absolutely, without a doubt. Not only does social media allow the fans to interact and approach us but it also allows the wrestlers to interact and build up interest in their rivalry.  When I look at the statistics and data from videos and posts it easily reflects the idea that social media and the internet is an important part of keeping people interested along with promoting the shows and the wrestlers as individuals.
Q/ I eventually had to ask this but what do you think the future holds for wrestling in the UK.  There are some good shows and a pool of talent. People see Rebel Yellthe big American shows but they are the top level and there are many more shows that are in the majority that don't have the money for big presentations.  Do you think the 'Glory Days' will ever return?
A/ This is indeed a multifaceted question which could be very tricky to answer should I choose to speak my true feelings on the matter. The Future of British Wrestling has the potential to be bigger, better and brighter than it has ever been before.  With promotions such as Progress, I.P.W., I.C.W., N.B.W.A., P.C.W. and W.A.W. just to name a few, that are producing great matches on a regular basis, I see no reason why the Glory days couldn't return.  
The World of Sport days are a rich and proud part of our wrestling heritage, it is easy to get lost for hours watching the skill, technique and psychology of those soldiers of the ring.  They paved the way with their blood and broken bones, none of what they have done for British Wrestling has been lost on the new generation.  Their knowledge has been and continues to be passed on, that legacy leading to evolution and with the right catalyst perhaps a revolution.  A British Wrestling BOOM !.  
But alas, it seems as though that catalyst might be as you say big money, big budget and a big platform.  There are many wrestlers and promoters in this country that have got the talent to make it happen, and are making it happen. I think the BOOM is inevitable and just like at the dawn of time, the big bang, a glorious universe filled with diversity and wonder will spring fourth. Creating moments in time, history, art, science and culture.  
The Future of British wrestling looks very good, the Glory days will return.  
Q/ I know this puts you on the spot but is there one fight on the card that 'should not be missed' above the other great bouts?
A/ Lazer Lagden vs Jonny Storm for the C.W.A. World title is a must see match for British Wrestling fans. Lagden is an amazing talent and Jonny is one of the best British wrestlers of any generation. Brad Beck vs Tony Kemp is one I am very much looking forward to. Brad and Tony are pumped up and ready to go to the matresses in what will be an intense contest.
Mansfield and Sterling vs The Cornell's will be a tag team clinic. Every match will have it's own quality, I would recommend not missing any of them.  
Q/ One final question. After the January 18th Show details of which will follow will the C.W.A. be back for some more shows in the year.
A/ We are taking it one show at a time, but yes we do plan on coming back for more shows.  Our debut show Wrestling For Heroes back on August 24th went well, we had 100 people in the crowd.  This is a good number for a first show, I have heard some places sold only 2 tickets on their first show, so I don't think we did bad at all.  I think the next show will do better. C.W.A. is developing a good following, we are getting a lot of support and interest from people. On behalf of the C.W.A. I would like to thank all of those people for their support, it means a lot to us.
Well thank you very much for your time Karl, I'm looking forward to the  show and catching up with you in person.
Plus I want to speak to Mr Sterling he sold me a camera which he said was two months old and was an unwanted gift. It hasn't worked since I bought it and you can't get the film for it.
It has been a pleasure talking to you, It will be great to meet you at the show. I appreciate this opportunity to talk about C.W.A. and the support C.A.U.K. is giving to us.
Thank you.
It's going to be a great show people so if you are in the Chelmsford area on January 18th 2014 get your self over there and support these guys.
You can grab the guys on Facebook  or their excellent website by clicking here.
Please try and support them by going to the show as they are raising funds for The British Heart Foundation and you never know when you may need the benefit of their research. Jon P
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