I was going to call it night but while I was outside having a smoke I heard a synthetic sound drifting front the cafe as the next band set up.  This got my attention resulting in me staying for the final set of the night.
Surprised. You fucking bet I was. Three young guys make up this band with a sound I have only heard once before.
Speaking to them after It didn't take long to work out that their combined ages added up to pretty much my age leaving me feeling ancient. At this point I would like to say anyoneone who knows me  this is not time to contact me and confirm the ancient fact, thank you very much.
Genre - Alternative
Hometown - Maidstone
Record label -Unsigned
General Manager -
Influences - 1971 to 2003
Current Location - Our Rehersal Rooms Maidstone


I shit you not
I said it to them and I will say it to you this is one of the best things I have heard in 20 years I fucking love them.
This was only the second time they have played together and they were having some problems with the vocal being too quiet and lack of material but give them a little time and they are going places.
They are 17 with a clean cut image in a very traditional bass, guitar/vox and drums format but throw in a collection of sounds from the akai and you are seriously heading right up my street.
The lack of material is due to the plain and simple fact that they have not written any more yet but they are playing again in May and I am assured by their Bass Man they will have more by then.
Take your time guys keep doing what you are doing I am not sure the public are ready for you but I am over the moon I stayed or I would have seriously missed out.
Hercity HercityHercity

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