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Published July 2013
Zoo Fight Club
Sunday 7th July saw myself and new member of Cage Amateurs UK Lou Lou head to the coast for a night of Mixed Martial Arts with Yasmin Edwards, Paul Saunders, Oli Thompson and the team from Zoo Fightclub for their version of a peaceful Sunday afternoon at the coast. Nice.... 
Lou Lou despite me making a complete dogs ear of the directions resulting in the trip taking twice as long jumped straight in at the deep end and has done us a nice write up for the show. It was starting to ring of deja-vous I personally was expecting George McCann from Love2Fight to come hoveing into view claiming he had walked just short of 200 miles and had climbed a mountain in his efforts to reach the show. 
So far so good no George honking about his long walk and Lou Lou hadn't dropped me at the side of the road and left.

Glory MMA 07-07-2013

The road trip started with a very excited Lou Lou setting off to pick up Jon and his son (neither of whom she had met before) to embark on a journey to Hastings. 

ZOO FightClub were staging a GLORY MMA Mixed Martial Arts cage event at The AZURE Marina, Nightclub and restaurant and Lou Lou had been invited by Jon to come, watch it and perhaps have a go at writing about it all for the Cage Amateurs UK website.

The drive itself took much longer than anticipated because the sat-nav instructions could not be heard above Jon's incessant talking!  

The man, as lovely as he is did not pause for breath! 
 Glory MMA 2

Once in the town we found the venue right by the beach front and watched as several groups of people went in....The venue actually looked out across the water which was nice.

Once we got ourselves together, we went inside to meet Yazmin Edwards, Paul Saunders and Oli Thompson who are running the GLORY MMA events alongside ZOO Fightclub

The cage was set at ground level which meant that wherever you sat you had an excellent view right into the cage, and as we got set up and the room filled I couldn't wait for it all to start!

Sponsors in Place, Dorsey Leisure and Azure Marina Pavillion, Triple Bar Gaming and ......The time keeper (Michael Simpson) , Phoenix Medics, DJ Dozza  Hayles ,The Judges, The Ref Daniel Movahedi and the MC Christ Hoekstra, were all ready to go.

The first fight was Teddy Sparks who was fighting out of Zoo Fightclub and who won by unanimous decision, he came back later on for a SECOND fight in which he lost by straight arm bar choke with side control to Jay Young from Steel Fists Gym.

The second fight was between J.Bammord who had a large crowd in there supporting him and independent fighter Gareth Petit.

Glory MMA 2The cheers were deafening as Bammord had Petit tapping out with a guillotine choke, although it could have gone either way in this really good match up and Bammord said afterwards that Petit was, his strongest opponent yet and it had been the hardest fight he'd ever had.

Petit ALSO returned to the cage for a second appearance after the break against Mark Lees from Fighting Lions. Mark also had Mr Petit tapping, but even though disheartened by losing two fights in one night Petit had the crowds clapping and cheering for fighting twice. ENOUGH respect !

Mad hatters and Unique Kickboxers Gym had one of their men up next, Laney who fought independent fighter Rohas. Laney went straight for the takedown but it backfired when Rohas turned it on him and Laney found himself tapping to a quick rear naked choke.

Rosacki Vs Cardozo was next up, with Rosacki landing so many hits to Cardoso's head that it made Cardoso wobble several times and he then played a defence game the whole way through, so I was quite surprised that this fight was judged a draw.

During the break I had a chance to look around at the crowd, there were between 220-240 guests, and ALL were in great spirits and obviously loving the show. The bar was well stocked, the price of the drinks was easy on the pocket, and the bar staff were on the ball as they worked hard and kept the queue down (always a bonus!)

After the break, Independent fighter Smith and Unique Kickboxers Haines started with some good mutual repeated knees, until Haines pushed Smith up against the cage and dropped him with a big hook, Haines was struggling to try get a lock on with a guillotine and after several attempts got lucky with a RNC and the ref stopped the fight.

Glory MMA 2
The next fight was probably one of the fastest wins I've ever seen! 

Sturbeys fighting from Pain & Glory MMA came in all forward as did Taha (Lee kickboxing and Mad hatters) but within seconds Taha had Sturbeys on the floor with another RNC!

The next was a fight with a difference, the two men not only fight out of the same gym but are friends as well, yet they came out throwing heavy punches at each other and after the ref stopped it giving Williams the win, it turns out that Wilson is in fact 50 years young and never had a fight !

A one round amateur fight between Hogbin (freestyle MMA) and J.Winder (who also had a lot of support) had an exciting enthusiastic round and could have gone either way as both men battled it and gave it large right till the very end where it was a unanimous draw....and rightly so !!!

After Petit and Sparks had their second fights, another quick Win was secured as Matt Newton from Dragons Lair fought another independent fighter Tom Healy. Matt swiftly took Tom to the floor and within seconds had him in a guillotine choke.

The main event was a K1 fight and had the crowds on their feet from the start. Jamie 'The Missing Link' Simpson a ZOO fight club man was matched against J.Crowther from Lightening freestyle.

Jamie was on the attack the whole time, he took major damage from Crowthers kicks to his legs and he wobbled and went down on one knee a couple of times, but each time he did, he got straight back up and punished Crowthers face with some HUGE solid punches that were rocking Crowther and making him fight a 'defence' fight the whole time! Crowthers legs were quick, but Jamies punches were quicker! The fight was scored a draw and I couldn't have argued with that how do you split a point!!

That last fight was my fight of the night..... I can well imagine the state of Crowthers face and at a guess Jamie wont be walking around much till the bruising has gone down.... BOTH of them true warriors!!

Well, what can I say, a brilliant brilliant night!  One of the best Fight Nights I have had the pleasure of going to in a long time !! I'd like to say a massive thanks to Cage Amateurs UK for inviting me to GLORY MMA and I cant wait for the next GLORY MMA event on 20th October at Woolston Manor, ESSEX .....SEE YOU THERE !!!

Nice one Lou Lou Video and Photo's to follow soon

The Video

Finally I have caught up and started sorting out the video. Due to my battery literally blowing up on me in the morning of the show we had quite a few problems so we haven't got everything we would like to have but here's some of the footage we have.

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