George McCann


Published July 2012

George McCannFirst I am going to chat with George “Paparazzi Kid” McCann. George runs Love2fight magazine. It is free to download and is packed with some great interviews and stories from around the UK. George is only 17 years old and it is absolutely incredible what he has achieved. I called him the paparazzi kid because, we saw him at Fury M.M.A. and he just turned up and blagged his way in. I do not think he will have to do that again, especially now the guys have seen the mag. He is a great lad and holds the respect of all us guys in the business. Here is what we spoke about.
Cage Amateurs UK: What started your love of Mixed Martial Arts?

George McCann: Well, when I was younger I used to love W.W.E. or W.W.F.  as it was known back then. But then I watched a show about how fake it was so it upset me quite a bit. Then one day I woke up from sleep at about 11 o’clock and went down stairs to see my mum and flicked through the channels on the TV. I came across this “cage fighting” as I knew it then and I saw Neil Grove KO someone in like 10 seconds, I loved it! Since then I've found that it was against James Thompson on July 14th 2007.
I’ve always loved Combat Sports, but M.M.A. is much more exciting for everyone watching, it can end in so many ways and so quickly! 

As they say ‘blink and you’ll miss it!’

Cage Amateurs UK: How did you come up with the idea of Love2fight and is anyone else involved?

George McCann: Since becoming an M.M.A. fan, I’ve done a couple of blogs in the past about it, and a few people said they were decent, so I started up a website and the name LOVE2FIGHT came to my head just because to survive in this sport, you HAVE to love to fight, simple as that. In boxing, you can get by on skill alone at the lower levels, it’s only at the higher levels that your heart is tested, but in M.M.A. no matter what level you fight at, those 4 oz gloves will be testing your heart. I kind of got lucky, Sam emailed me saying that he is decent with graphics and he asked if he could host his wallpaper images, which he creates, on my site. He said he had been looking for an upcoming site, and that I fitted perfectly. I was well up for it and once he showed me what he could create, I was impressed! He then went on to become more involved by making a logo for the site and making video promos etc. The boys a genius!

Love3FightUK LogoAs for the magazine, Sam made a wallpaper theme of Georgia Graham, the B.A.M.M.A. ring girl, and he played about by putting the interview we did with her in the image, it looked great and also looked like a magazine centrefold feature! And
there we had it... the idea was there, we just had to make it happen!
Cage Amateurs UK: How much time do you spend on the magazine? 
George McCann: WOW, I think the answer to this is an infinity amount of time! if you include all the time I'm thinking of what we could do, as well as all the time on my laptop, as well as all the time on my phone etc etc., then basically all day every day. When you have such a passion for something, it just runs through your veins, that’s all you want to do, and that’s how I'm feeling, if I have a rest I think I could be getting something done instead! 

George McCann 

Cage Amateurs UK: What is the main goal of what you are doing and where do you see the mag in a year’s time?

George McCann: When we first started, it was just to cover U.K.M.M.A. and show how far we have come as a country. It was just a bit of fun really, weren’t taking it too seriously, but at the same time, still doing it through passion and to help the domestic fighter’s gain a little bit of exposure. Now it has become a bit more serious due to how well the first magazine went down, so we are really trying our hardest to make things happen. In a year’s time I hope to be doing the exact same thing, covering U.K.M.M.A. and smothering it in all the glory it bloody deserves. We don’t make money from doing this, we run on passion, if it continues to go well, then maybe we could make this our living, but that isn’t why we started, if that is possible, then that’s great, if it isn’t then I have a life plan in place with uni etc. But I’ll still do this on the side. As I said, passion is powerful.
Cage Amateurs UK: You have done some great stories. To date what do you think is your biggest story or interview? 

George McCann: Argh! This is difficult! In terms of big names, I’ve done a few U.F.C. guys, but it has to be when I went to E.K.B.J.J. – Bloodline Fight Team. When I was at a U.C.M.M.A. presser, I was speaking to Calvin Petrie (W.C.M.M.A. fighter) and his coach, Eddie Kone, came up to me and said “when you going to come do a feature on us man!?” So to cut a long story short, I went there, the team is amazing, very welcoming and Eddie Kone is the most inspirational man I've ever met. Every time he speaks, I just want to listen; you guys need to catch up with him!

Cage Amateurs UK: What do love2fight think are the top M.M.A. show in the UK?

George McCann: I can’t answer for Sam, but I’m a bit biased HAHA, before doing any of this, U.C.M.M.A. is my local show so I always go there! My first show was U.C.M.M.A. 6 in August 2009, great show, Brad Pickett vs Dave Lee featherweight title and Jimi Manuwas world famous KO of Luke Blyth happened on that night... that was my first live M.M.A. experience, now do you understand why I love M.M.A. so much!? HAHA I love U.C.M.M.A. but in all honesty, I love any M.M.A. show in the UK that puts on legit shows, not Bullshit ones as Baked Bean would say! Because they are part of the reason why we can’t progress
Cage Amateurs UK: Who is your tip to be a big future star? 

George McCann: Damn! Another unfair question! There is loads of young talent across the country, 16 year old Coner Hignett just won the flyweight F.C.C. title, check him out he is awesome! Others like Kris Edwards who you know about from Cage Warriors is doing very well. I have 2 though who stand out; I love these two lads, always having a laugh and a pleasure to have a chat with. The first one is our Issue 1 cover man, 18 year old, Arnold Allen who shocked the world with his sensational pro debut KO over another young sensation, Nathan Greyson. The second one is Sean ‘Sexy Curls’ Carter, who is working his way up the lightweight rankings and proved himself with a dominant win over Ben Deller Smith, who many people thought would be too much for him. They both train at B.K.K. fighters, so they have a great team around them, Luke Barnatt, Jack Mason, Jason Cooledge the list goes on. These boys are both fighting at U.C.M.M.A. 29 August 18th with tough opponents to look forward to!
George McCann
Cage Amateurs UK: Thanks for your time George, do you have anyone to thank? 

George McCann: I’d like to say thanks you to every single person that has helped out with this magazine, whether it be doing something for it, it just guiding me in the right direction. It always feels like I'm getting too much attention, so I’d like to remind everyone that without Sam, the mag couldn’t happen, he is a key member. All the people who help with columns or let us use their photos - you are amazing! Big up to who provide our competition prizes check them out for all your M.M.A. clothing! And to IMPACT LPA for making our custom t-shirts check them out to have the face of U.K.M.M.A. right on your chest!
This is a part one of the article. We have some more to come on this subject. I was going to do it as one part, but out of respect for my friends I think I will do them all in different parts. When you see George whether you are a fighter or fan, go and say hi and let him know what a great site he has. Fighters if you want publicity get in touch with George and get on the great mag that is love2fight. George is on facebook and you can contact him via the mag. I thank George for doing this and I hope you like it my friend. Wish you all the best and see you soon.

As you may know I'm a big fan of Georges and Sams young people are so often described in the negative and here in our own little part of the net is living proof that not all youngsters are wrong uns. Keep up the great work guys Jon P
Feature Written Approx 23rd July 2012

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