Gary Sansom


Published July 2015
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Gary Sansom
Bit of a change this time as Gary Sansom is not a bare knuckle boxer. Gary is from the more traditional side of things and now holds his 3rd Dan black belt. Gary and his partner are both instructors at the Burns School of Black Belts which is Newcastle and boasts classes to suit all ages and ability. This school looks to be very much into respect for other people and management of yourself on a day too day basis as a resort to dealing with problems and of course is backed up by the martial arts as a last resort. 

Burns School of Black Belts can be found on  Facebook and on their website which is currently being updated but worth having a look at. Click here to be whisked away to  Burns school of black belts
As usual I have taken out any of the guests choice of music to avoid any copyright problem but other than that everything remains the same.

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