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Published August 2012
Fight ScienceThis Review has come about totally by accident. While attending the Women Fight Back all female cage fighting show which was being held at Fight Science owned by Nick "Head-Hunter" Chapman it seemed a good idea to grab some photos and see what we could find out.

The first thing that you notice about the gym is the size of the building coming in at 20000 square feet packed with state of the art equipment down to the simplest of training aids to the punch bags hanging from the walls. The gym is housed in an ex military building in Aldershot, a large military area, and what with cut backs the army's loss was without a doubt Nick's gain. The full size competition cage down one end just seems to get lost in the expanse of the building. But just in case you don't feel like the rest of the gym watching as you take you first tentative steps into the cage this area can be separated from the rest of the building. Between the cage and the weights area is 6000 square foot of Tatami interlocking jigsaw mats which is can he hired out to local instructors and could easily accommodate two separate classes at once.
In partnership with Life Fitness the leading manufacturer of fitness training equipment the cardio area is packed with cross trainers, concept rowers and a total array of other state of the art equipment.
Fight Science
If your not feeling tired yet a visit to the strength and conditioning area should do the trick. Partners Hammer Strength have taken care of your needs in this area with top quality equipment filling the remaining space.
Fight Science
Without leaving the building you can visit their shop and I quote fight science here when I say "We supply everything you need to become the best that you can be and if we don't have something you need we will source it for you." So you now know a little and I do mean a little bit about the physical building so what else do Fight Science offer. Let me give you a brief insight.
A Sports and Exercise Nutritionist is available to produce a nutrition plan suited to you and tailored to your individual needs in a safe and easy to understand way.
The Fighter Development Programme will certainly get the best out of you but it is for those with a high level of commitment. Covering physical, technical and nutritional requirements your management and publicity is also part of the programme built into your individually created training plan. Please understand the modules I have mentioned here are just part of the overall experience offered and more information can be gained by visiting the Fight Science Gym in person or the usual method which I will go into shortly.
Fight Science
As you would expect the staff that can be found here are also top notch with a wealth of experience and knowledge between them so this leads on to "well how much is this going to cost me?" Good question so during a video interview we did with Nick he told us they don't do fixed plans which seemed a better way of charging, offering value for money after all you are not going to use everything available so why would you want to pay for it. That said there are plans available for those who wish to take one. Also there are some deals going on at the moment to be taken advantage of.
With Nick Chapman as the manager, arguably one of the most well known of the MMA fighters currently and certainly one of the top, in charge you know that this is a good place to be as a fighter or just someone who wants to get into shape for next years holiday. Here's some details of how to find them followed by an Interview with The 'Head-Hunter' himself. So take a look I have just scratched the surface.
This is the huge banner that you see when you first walk through the door. Nick is a big old lump himself so this sums up both the man and the building.
 Fight Science
Filmed at Women Fight Back

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