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Published December 2014

Donald McPhee is as you might guess from north of the boarder. Not exactly New Era as he was first seen at B-BAD 7 where he fought Jacko Jackson  and has stepped in at the last second to fight Seth Jones. 'The Highlander' is ready to storm England like a latter day William Wallace make no mistake the Highlander is coming. Look out for him at a B-BAD Promotion in the near future he is easily recognised by the tattoo on the left side of his face. Jon P

Donald The Highlander McPhee
Kris Megaw. How did you first get into bare knuckle fighting? 

Donald McPhee. A Friend of mine Peter McGrory put my facebook profile in the B-BAD page and said anyone want a fight fight this man i didn't know for a week lol, Andy messaged me asked would I fight I thought about it for 10 seconds said yes and the rest was History 

KM. How does your family feel about you taking part in Bare Knuckle fights? 

DM. They are ok with it i think what ever makes me happy then they are happy with it.

KM. What is the worst injury you have had in a Bare Knuckle fight? 

DM. A broken nose but not like I have not had a few before lol.

KM. How much dedication is required to be a BKB fighter? 

DM. You need loads of dedication when training, you need to get your brain set on your opponent.

KM. Since becoming involved in B-BAD has it helped you outside the ring/pit? (Many say B-BAD made them think before they do stupid things and they are living a different life since joining B-BAD)

DM. Since Joining B-BAD it definitely helped me a lot, now I am focused and my training has perspective, and yes I would say I think totally different now than when I did before I joined B-BAD.

KM. Your son Dominic is a massive B-BAD fan, will he fight when he is older, would you let him? I've heard he trains with you! 

DM. Yes my Son Dominic's a massive B-BAD fan, he says he wants to fight but its a long way of yet and yes I train him at times.

KM. What diet/training is involved leading up to fights?

DM. I cut all Junk food out and up my running and training regime every week until a week out then I start slowing down a bit.

KM. Living so far up north does the travelling not cause a lot of trouble for you?

DM. Yeah the travelling is a killer m8 but ones gotta do wot ones gotta do! 

KM. What made you get the trademark tattoo on your face? 

DM. It seemed like a good thing to do at the time.

KM. What is your opinion on the hardest fight out there for you at the moment? 

DM. I welcome any fighter.

KM. Who would you like as your next opponent?

DM. I will leave that up to my manager Joe B-BAD.

The Highlander at B-BAD 7KM. Would you like a rematch against Seth? (With more time to prepare)

DM. Highlander V The Bangor Hammer the rematch would be a great fight, few more fights under my belt longer preparation 
time, I think would be a great fight.

KM. Which B-BAD fighter do you admire the most and why? 

DM. It's a hard one m8 I admire a few but would have to say James McCrory he's a great fighter and very humble gentleman.

KM. Who would you say is at the the top of the B-BAD tree just now? 

DM. There is a lot of good Fighters in B-BAD I wouldn't like to put one above the other they are all Warriors and True Gentleman and my B-BAD brothers

KM. With B-BAD spreading there wings and fighting in the USA now, do you have ambitions to fight on American soil? 

DM. Definately, Would be a dream come true The Highlander Fighting On American soil.

KM. Do you reckon the famous gypsy lads would take the B-BAD titles if they entered B-BAD? (Joyce, Nevin, Stokes, McDonagh, McGinley)

DM. I reckon they will have the fight of their lives, The fighters who have titles ain't going to lose them in a hurry!

KM. Can you see Bare Knuckle going mainstream?

DM. I can see B-BAD Bare Knuckle being the biggest mainstream sport out there.

KM. What is the best fight you have ever seen? 

DM. James McCrory and Dave Radford the Rematch

KM. Who would be your dream opponent? Dead or alive. 

DM. Iron Mike Tyson 

KM. What would be your dream fight to watch

DM. Tyson in his prime and Muhammed Ali in his prime but i know Ali would win.

KM. Do you like or play any other sports? 

DM. No! 

Now this is the fun bit! 

KM. Is Joe a good boss? Do you only ask Joe to be in photos with you because he is eye candy? 

DM. Joe is a Great Boss one thing about Joe without sounding like an ass licker lol he does exactly what he says his word is his bond if he says it its done. But he does think he's a bit like Brad Pit and eye candy to the ladies. ermmmmmm no comment on that one ha ha.

Donald McPhee Seth Jones And Shaun SmithKM. Who would win a fight between Joe B-BAD and Stevie Cairney? I think there both big girls blouses myself. 

DM. I think it would be a Draw lol.

KM. Who would you class better looking Arron Popeye Watts or Bigfoot?

DM. Its a close one but I say Big foot lol.

KM. Can you tell everyone the cardboard box story? 

DM. The card box Story nah lol I leave that one up to my friend Stevie Cairney lol.

KM. Will you ever beat Stevie Cairney in a drinking competition?

DM. Not a chance lol. 

KM. Why can't you grow any hair on your head but you grow plenty on your chest?

DM. I think its a Highlander thing lol.

KM. Will you ever have hair again, if no would you consider wearing a wig?

DM. I doubt it lol and wearing a wig ermmmmm not a chance ha ha.

KM. Who are better Celtic or Rangers?

DM. Celtic Hail Hail. 

KM. That's disgusting! 

I now asked Donald to give me a paragraph on B-BAD here is what he wrote.

" I think B-BAD is the number 1 Bare Knuckle Boxing Promotion out there. Everyday it goes from strength to strength. On 22nd November B-BAD invade's american soil for the biggest BKB event in the world and its all on live pay per view World wide and I know the B-BAD fighters will take the wins back their all great fighters going over and hard as nails. The owner of B-BAD Joe B-BAD, and Aaron 'Popeye' Watts and all involved with running and setting events up do a Great Job and am honoured to be part of it," 

I also asked Joe B-BAD to write a wee message about the legend Donald McPhee

" Donald is much loved in B-BAD promotions, he is a true warrior and not many people know this when he fought Seth Jones in Newcastle I called him 5 days before and he jumped at the fight with both hands, never runs never, he has a very bright future in Bare Knuckle and we hope that is with B-BAD."

So there we have it the first interview done and dusted, I would like to thank Joe B-BAD for letting me be involved.

A big thank you Donald McPhee for stepping up as my first interview.

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