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Danielle Curzon

Danielle Curzon Referee

Danielle Curzon First British Female Mixed Martial Arts Referee

Danielle CurzonThere has been a few ups and downs in the mixed martial arts world surrounding Danielle but this was one of the first interviews we ever did and I am still kind of fond of it. So here it is...Danielle Curzon Referee.
Danielle has had a really Successful career and there is plenty more to come. Lets hope she gets to the UFC as she dreams. She will be a great ambassador for British Sport and encourage more women to get involved in MMA. The women's division is really getting noticed now and I am sure every MMA fan in the UK knows her name and the great work she is doing. She has just received her Herb Dean certificates and is available to work anywhere she is required. She is also behind us with Supporting British Fighters and she to has a keen interest in the fighting ladies of the MMA. She has not had it easy as some people cannot understand why she is doing her MMA job. However anyone into MMA knows its not a brutal sport but a skilled art. And we understand Danielle's passion. And her passion shows through her commitment and not letting other peoples opinions spoil what is a great achievement. We thank Danielle so much for taking the time to answer our questions and C.A.U.K will follow her career with great interest and really hope she gets that call from Dana White.

Good Luck Danielle and thank you
1/ Please tell me a bit about your security background, How you started and how things are run at Samurai?
I started working as a door supervisor in 2004 and it all progressed from there. I did my bodyguard course in 2005 and also worked with the Police as a drug dog handler. Samurai ran some prestigious doors in Manchester including Manchester 235 casino. I closed Samurai last year as I had to make a choice whether to keep the security company or go into the refereeing as my main job as I have a young daughter so I can't do everything. I still deliver SIA training for Oxford University part time.
2/ How did you get into MMA and how you got interested in becoming a ref?
I started MMA in 2006 with an ex boyfriend of mine Del Coupe. He is the 9 times drug free world power lifting champion and he has done MMA for years. It was our Thursday morning date training. I was hooked on the MMA from then on. I got into refereeing because off my pregnancy. I was very ill with Eclampsia and its left me with slight permanent kidney damage so my kidneys would not stand up to fight intensity training so I decided to become a ref to stay in the sport I love.
3/ How did you end up getting onto the Herb Dean coarse?
Well in this country there is NO formal qualification for officials, so I decided to do my research and go and get an internationally recognised qualification. Kim Winslow pointed me in the direction of Herbs course. With big thanks to my sponsor INTELLIGENT NUTRITION INC & my management company COLOSSEUM SPORTS LTD who paid for the trip.
4/ As a ref you have to be professional and non bi-ist but do you ever ref a big fight and get taken away with the atmosphere, especially at big events?
No. I just shut the atmosphere out and treat the fighters as if they are 2 bits of meat and not people and all I am interested in is seeing the TAP or any illegal moves, so as a referee you do not remember any of the fights.
5/ To date what was your greatest moment in your MMA career?
I have had a few. One of them was Dave O Donnell telling me I had a permanent place on UCMMA cage rage. That meant allot. Another was being given the responsibility of refereeing Ben Smith's debut at LHW and the most recent one was receiving the email that I had passed the Herb Deans referees course.
6/ How does your work affect your family/love life?
MAJORLY!! As I am a referee I have a rule that I do not get personally involved with a fighter as I think it would look very un-professional. My career means more to me than a relationship, and my career will hopefully be with me for a long time whereas relationships come and go. Men outside of the MMA scene seem to get very jealous at my job as they just look at the fact that I spend most weekends around fighters and as they do not understand they don't like it. So until I meet someone that can accept the MMA I am staying single. My family do not like it either and my friends are split on it. Some of them love the fact I do it, and others think I am mad.
7/ Do you agree with our motto to SUPPORT BRITISH FIGHTERS and home and abroad?
YES definitely.
8/ What are your views on the ladies MMA ? We love the fact ladies are getting into it and there some great talent there now.
I think its great and can't wait till we can fill more weight categories with women's fights.
9/ Will you travel anywhere in UK to ref?
YES and abroad. I am so far booked to ref in Croatia, Spain & Romania later in the year.
10/ Who is your favourite MMA fighter?
Ohh that's a hard one. There is lots. I would love to meet Randy Couture.
11/ What is your ultimate goal from here in? You have achieved so much already so if you do not wanna answer this one that's fine.
I would just like to say a big thank you to my 2 sponsors INTELLIGENT NUTRITION INC & 7TH DAY MMA and to my manager Gary Bond and his team at Colosseum Sports LTD and to Dave O Donell and all the promoters that use me.


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