Craig Liptrot


Published August 2015

The 22nd August 2015 heralds the day that Raging Bull's Craig Liptrot meets UBBAD's  Pete Stoten   at Ferry's Fists of Fury in Newcastle. Both men are having their first fight for their respective promoters but with these seasoned gloved Boxing fighters both experienced in the fight game this is going to be one monster of a fight. Recently I spoke to Pete Stoten and now it is time for Craig to have his say. If you are local to Newcastle and have not got a ticket I would certainly be giving it some serious thought.

I asked the questions, Craig gave the answers and this is how it went.

Thank you for your time Craig question one coming up.

Craig Liptrot

Q. How old was you when you first got the boxing bug?

A. 6.

Q. Are any family members involved in boxing or any other combat sport?

A. Brother Boxing....Dad ex Boxer and my Uncle Martial Arts.

Q. I see your Uncle has a Martial Arts Background have you tried any of the traditional Martial Arts/Mixed Martial Arts if so how did you find them and do you still do anything else or just stick to the boxing? If not then that pretty much finishes that question off.

A. I've had 2 Mixed Martial Arts fights won 1 and lost 1.

Q.Think back what was it like and how did you feel before your very first time in the ring in front of an audience?

A. Nervous.

Q. I recently interviewed Pete Stoten, who you will be fighting in August. I made an error when stating his record so to save me possibly making the same mistake with you can you bring us up to speed on your current fight record?

A. My current fight record is 57 fights 53 wins 4 losses. ( Impressive Record with over 80 fights combined Craig fighting under the Raging Bull banner against Pete who fly's the UBBAD flag this will be one not too miss Jon P )

Raging Bull

Q. Have you fought Bare Knuckle before or is this your first time?

A. Never had an organised Bare Knuckle fight before.

Q. How did you get to be involved with Raging Bull?

A. I contacted them myself. ( If you fancy fighting, Raging Bulls contact details can be found at the bottom of this interview Jon P )

Q. Do you approach a bare knuckle bout different either in tactics or training than you would a gloved bout?

A. All the same apart from stance and guard will be different.

Q. There has been quite a bit of silliness going on in the bare knuckle world lately between the different groups. Things have started to settle with James and Andy co promoting a show and now you representing Raging Bull on BBAD's show. Do you think that this cooperation is a good thing or do you think a bit of bluster and bullshit between the promoters is all part and parcel?

A. I think it's a good thing that Bbad and Raging Bull are communicating and being involved in each others shows it shows respect.

Craig Liptrot In The RingQ. Raging Bull and BBAD are most likely the biggest of the bare knuckle shows in this country or at least the most established, but compared to gloved boxing it is realistically in it's infancy. Does it feel like a step down with regard to the possible size of audience etc?

A. No not at all I cant wait for my fight against Pete Stoten and show the audience and both promotions what im capable of.

Q. What do you feel is going to be the biggest hurdle that bare knuckle boxing will have to overcome before it is really considered main stream?

A. Injury definitely.

Q. What is the general feeling in the gloved Boxing world about Bare Knuckle boxing?

A. They think Bare Knuckle fighters are mad because of easy it is to be injured. 

Q. Raging Bull have just signed up a lady fighter how do you feel about women Boxing in general and then about them fighting Bare Knuckle?

A. Some women I know are a lot harder than most guys I know haha. ( I can't argue with that answer Jon P )

Q. Will you continue with gloved Boxing or is this a more permanent change of direction for you?

A. Yeah I'll continue with gloved boxing but I am looking at taking a bigger step into B.K.B.

Q. There are two styles of promotion at the moment both very different in so much as the pit, formed from hay bails, is a lot smaller than a traditional ring. As a gloved boxer how would you feel about fighting in the smaller pit?

A. A fight is a fight no matter where you are. 

Q. Pete has had a couple of results in the last few weeks and will be nicely warmed up for the fight. Have you had any bouts recently and is feeling good to go how do are you in regard to readiness?

A. Yes my last 2 fights have been won by knock out within 2 rounds so I feel confident. All I can do is try my best.

Q. What is your normal routine when you have a bout coming up does it involve watching footage of the person you are fighting. A lot of fighters say they know nothing of the other person is this the way you do it or do you prefer to learn a bit about them?

A. I just concentrate on myself because no matter who my opponent is they wont be fighting the same as they did in there last fight because there opponent is different in my eyes it comes down to what happens on the day.

Q. Pretty much in the beginning there was a combination of fighters and guys just having a go. More recently there have been more fighters coming on board. Are there any names in any of the promotions that you think stand out from the rest?

A. Decca Heggie is an obvious choice but his last opponent David Price is definitely one to watch out for.


On that note I am going to say a big thank you for your time doing this interview and all the best for your fight against Pete Stoten. Craig can be found online on   Facebook   and if you wish to see him in action he is very easily found on YouTube. 

Raging Bull can be found on   Facebook   and on here for updates show reviews and interviews. Thanks to anyone who photo's I have used and if you contact me I will be happy to link to you and give credit. Jon P


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