Christian Roberts


Published December 2015

Kris Megaw is returning to the table having sharpened up his pencil and buying a new pad of journalist paper but thistime he will be putting his efforts into C.M.S. Promotions run by Christian Roberts. This is the second time that Kris has interviewed Christian but what with a show due in February, which by coincidence is featuring a title fight between Dave Price and the ever controversial Decca Heggie this is sure to be a good enough reason to catch up again with Christian Roberts. So I will leave Kris to get on which I am sure he will do in his own style as normal and I look forward to any other offering he has for me.  Jon P
Kris Wrote: 

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christian for bringing me out of retirement and letting me join what is without a doubt going to be an awesome journey to the top of the Bare Knuckle Boxing ladder.

Firstly Christian, can you tell us about yourself, how did you get involved in the Havoc In Haydockpurest for
m of fighting BKB?

CR. Well I was a keen gloved fighter and fast became a fan of the purest form. My fiancé, Kim, got me tickets to a show in Bradford which I attended and as a result became the manager of Decca 'The Machine' Heggie and the rest is history as they say.

KM. We talked earlier on in the year when C.M.S. was a relatively new promotion, the event went a wee bit pear shaped what exactly happened?

CR. Well to put it bluntly Kris human error mainly mine. I didn’t check my sports event license it had ran out 2 day earlier so the show was stopped. That won’t happen again I was a novice to it all then now I’m clued up sir.

KM. You have since had some of your contracted fighters fighting on other promotions fight cards, what else has changed since we last talked?

CR. Well since we last spoke we have signed a lot of talented fighters and I have now acquired a permanent venue that belongs to me and we have opened another branch of C.M.S. in Yorkshire. We shall be opening them all over the country so exciting times ahead sir.

You have now brought Mr Stephen French on board. Could you tell the fans a little bit about him and how this came about?

CR. Well myself and Mr French have known each other for some time. We originally became connected as I was employed working on nightclub doors. Stephen being in the same field of work we became friendly and it went from there. Stephen is a true fighting man and warrior and we got to talking about C.M.S. He had the same vision I had and that vision was gloves not gangs, the common aim was that we are try to head towards bringing back the straightener. Once we realised that we had the same vision it was quite an easy choice to make. Another plus by bringing Stephen on board he is that he is an amazing business man and has knowledge of the fighting game, and that is paramount in my opinion.

KM. Will you be making any other major changes to C.M.S. Promotions as things are moving forward?

CR. Yes we are branching out as a sports promotion company also as an entertainment company people may not know but we have also signed 2 top quality rappers in recent weeks there videos are getting 1000's of hits on Youtube so we want to help all talent find it way and we will assist anyway we can.

KM. There has been quite a lot of negativity posted all over the Facebook pages and threads directed at yourself and C.M.S. Promotions coming from the same Rival promotion and the same followers of that Promotion. What is your opinion on this and how do you tackle such bullying?

CR. Well it’s only natural that people at the top such as these people and promotions are gonna fear change nobody likes to be challenged but we are here and going nowhere and as for name calling and haters its part of the game I guess I don’t have a lot to say on the matter except for this. We aim to be the best and won’t stop till we are. so my message to the bullies or followers is get used to it we don’t wanna be bigger or better we just wanna fight all before us, because at C.M.S. we have fighters who want to be the best and fight the best fighters out there, if all promotions were the same with same values there could be some massive fights in 2016

KM. Now the Price and Heggie rematch has now been 100% confirmed for the event you are holdings on the 20th of Feb in Haydock, could you let the fans know how the first fight came around at Field Rage?

CR. I was contacted by a good pal of mine called James Quinn who owns Knuckle Promotions. His promotion was facing Field Rage in a show down and he asked if I had a heavyweight he could use to face Decca Heggie. I had price about to start training to represent C.M.S. on his debut which gave us 3 weeks to train for the fight which is not as long as we would have liked, but in all fairness Dave did good considering his debut was against Decca and that was that.

KM. There was mean't to be a rematch set for December in Newcastle at the NE6Christian Roberts suite, a lot of Drama came out of this and the fight was cancelled what was the story with that? It all seems pretty strange to me.

CR. I cant say too much about it at this time there were accusations flying around of all types so me and Stephen French stepped in to resolve this as we are good friends of Nina who at the time was Decca's manager. We wanted to sort it out to get the fight on so we spoke to Decca and Nina which ended up with the current situation. I can’t say anymore than that as it would be unfair on Nina and on Decca, it’s their business and its now history so onward and upward as far as we are concerned.

KM. Both fighters now have had an extra two plus months to prepare and train for their fight making this what is surly going to be the biggest heavyweight fight the UK has seen. How do you think the fight is going to end?

CR. Geez why don’t u ask me a hard one (laughs). Well I think the second fight will be a lot different than the first as they now know a little about each other. If I’m honest and I answer as a fan I see the next fight not going the distance because I think they won’t do a lot of dancing round. It will be business from the opening bell. That being said it is in my opinion 2 of the top 5 and 2 of the hardest chins in the game so flick a coin fella all I know is it will be epic

KM. On the topic Of Decca “The Machine“ Heggie he seems to get a lot of slanderous accusations and pretty much bullying from his former Promoter and his people. In your opinion why is this? The guy is just going about his business trying to make some money from a sport he clearly loves.

CR. Yes there has been friction between his former management team and promoter again not something I really feel I should comment on as I wasn’t involved then. I will say people call him coward and he is a poor fighter, well just a few things I would like to point out and that is Decca is still unbeaten in BKB, and I’ve personally witnessed him turn up to 2 of the best fights I’ve seen. Decca v Miller was a cracker both real hard men and Decca v Price again most heavyweights wouldn’t of lasted, so I’ll say this. Decca brings it simple as that in my opinion he is a good fighter and that’s that

KM. In my honest opinion Decca Heggie is one of the biggest names worldwide in BKB just now, not because he’s the greatest fighter in the world but because the reputation he has gained through Facebook and through his fans worldwide, Dave Price doesn’t have Facebook. How will you make Price as big a name as Heggie as we know you had an input in Heggie's career.

CR. First of all I didn’t make Heggie big and didn’t make him successful he did. I got the fight, Decca did the performance u don’t need to have Facebook u just need to train hard turn up and no matter what find a way to win if by chance u lose u treat is as a learning curve and back u go even more determined These guys both want to be the best and with that desire and dedication oh and a concrete chin your dangerous.

KM. Anyway. That’s the main event of the evening out of the way, what other fights can we expect to see? Are there any other big hitters on the card?

CR. We shall be having on the night names like Karl Morrison, Luke Atkin, James Davies, Alex Cooper and Lee Gallop among others very excited to have dean banks back our gloved heavy and Craig Liptrot our middleweight so will be a top show Decca v Price will also be for the C.M.S. BKB heavyweight title belt now to and more title fights to be named on the card.

KM. Stevie “Carnage” Cairney is fighting against none other than Facebook bad boy Anthony “Fat Nat” Hennessey in what isn’t about how good a fighter either are but what is one of the biggest grudge matches. How do you feel about this fight taking place on your card? What is your prediction for this? I personally have to go with Stevie Cairney on this one as he is the Gent who got me into BKB.

CR. Well yes I was approached and asked if this could take place on the show and automatically I said yes. I would rather them fight here, get paid and medically looked after  than have it away from the sport for no financial gain and no medics present. It is a no brainer. I have to go with Stevie. I’ve not seen there first fights against other opponents so my heart tells me Stevie as he is a pal and I’ll be helping him with training.

KM. I read somewhere the other day that Christian “ Fatboy” Evans is open to fight on your card gloved, is there a possibility we will see the hard hitting warrior make his C.M.S. gloved debut?

CR. Well I hoped we cud get Luke on with Christian I know both boys are keen to meet in the ring while having an amazing amount of respect for each other but i was informed by Christians management team that he can’t fight on our show as he is contracted to them and has busy months ahead

KM. Is it true that we will be seeing everyone's favourite talking point Mr Derek Porter get his rematch on the 20th against his former opponent in what’s was described as a W.W.E. wrestling match.

CR. Well the fight card goes up mid January then u will know the full order of fight card and its contents Mr Megaw (laughs)

KM. There are two sanctioning bodies in Britain for BKB, The I.B.K.B. and the W.B.K.B.C. Does C.M.S. have any Involvement with any of these two Sanctioning Bodies?

CR. Yes I hold one position on the I.B.K.B. as does each of the other promotions plus there is also a member of public. UBBAD are not under the I.B.K.B. they operate under W.B.K.B.C.

KM. One piece of news doing the Facebook rounds in the last week was that of “Who is the number one contender for Billy Martins belt?” It has come to light that it is contracted fighter Luke Atkins, What will happen here? Will this world title fight go ahead?

CR. I have no idea i was contacted by a rep from USA saying Luke had been named mandatory challenger I have been asking for a fight as I believe it would be an absolute cracker and I obviously accepted the fight I’m since hearing he is a UBBAD fighter now if that’s true then he won’t be facing Luke as i think UBBAD only will be operating as a in house company but never say never.

KM. Here’s a question I would like to ask, if all promoters in the UK and America were to put there heavyweights into a tournament who would be in the final 3?

CR. Wow I’m not gonna ever do this in 5 minutes but off the top of my head Ferry is naturally a great guy and top fighter then maybe Batchelor or Davy Joyce or Adam Brown or price or Downie, Heggie, M Morrisson. I expect massive things this year from Price, Heggie and Morrisson at heavyweight also Luke Atkin will be explosive and James Davies will be looking to push on and end this debate by saying we will have a clearer picture of the heavy and light heavy groups nearer summer.

KM. A good friend of ours and the man to score the first ever BBAD Knockout made a very good suggestion the other day, we will now have a word association round to finish things off. I say a word or statement and you say the first word that comes into your head.

CMS PromotionsK. BKB

C. Purest Form


C. On the up


C. Warrior


C. Tough Mother fucker


C. Witty

K. Stephen French

C. Fighting Preacher


C. Excellent Promotion Company

K. Andy Topliffe

C. Pioneer

K. Anthony Hennesey

C. Lol I’d rather not, hopefully he will turn up and be a good fight.

K. Christian Roberts

C. Only god can answer that.

K. Kim Chadwick

C. My Hero

KM. In Closing this interview, is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

CR. Yes I’d like to thank them for there kind support from us all at C.M.S. I’d like to say please show our sister branch C.M.S. Yorkshire the same support and Alison firth I’d like to thank Ian Butlin and Dale Brendon Hyde both top lads and stay tuned to 2016 were gonna smash it Happy Christmas to all the fans

Thanks For your time Christian.

Thank you everyone for reading this is just the beginning.

Happy Christmas folks x

Kris Megaw

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