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Published October 2012
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger Promotions by name Bengal Tigers by nature. The fights we witnessed last night (Saturday 20th October 2012) at the Water Lilly, Mile End Road in our capital city London rocked from the first fight right through to the very last one of the evening.
Full credit to the promoter a very young looking Mr Walid Ali who after a late start, anyone who has run such a show will understand, had things firmly back on track with the fights running nicely one after the other punctuated by breaks at just the right time for those who wished to go to the bar or like myself outside for a quick smoke.
On that subject there was a healthy number of people outside which made a refreshing change rather than just Dan and myself like a couple of leper's. Not a politically correct thing to say but not one to be that worried about such rubbish it's been said.
The Ladies kicked things off with a nice little bout of boxing the first of such at one of Walid Ali's shows and hopefully not the last. Bout two must have been a disappointment for the young lady involved as her opponent did not turn up leaving her with no fight.
I'm no writer and certainly not of the standard to review the show so I will have to leave it for you to watch the video playback. What I can say though is what I saw and I can't stress this enough get yourself down to his next show on December 6th in Bethnal Green I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.
It was good to see some old faces from the last show of Ali's that we attended and was even recognised by one of the fighters we filmed the last time. He was most complementary about us which is always nice. Referee Liono Omer kept a firm hand on the fights, London Ambulance Paramedics were on hand but did not have to attend to anything serious and with The DJ doubling up as ring announcer the show was complete.
My highlight of the evening had to be the last fight between Shrome Blair and Matthew Hellier which was a screamer of a battle with the crowd having to be told to stay back from the ring or the fight would not continue. In fairness to them their behaviour was impeccable all evening, some other sports fans could take a leaf out of their book, but the place was on fire and the crowd were by now having a great time and at worse were overenthusiastic. The worse thing is that some of these types of shows are spoilt by some village idiot not being able to hold there drink and kicking off but not here. I can safely say I did not see even a hint of trouble and there were some big lads here who would have been a handful had there been any. So here's to the next show we look forward to seeing you there. Jon P
Fight Results
Jane Willmott Def Zuzana Borosova
Craig Wheeler Draw Jeugenij Olechnovic
Jacob Def Ahmed Jabbar
Arthur Taiban Def Zoheb Zober
Martin van Wyk Def Babar Ali
Sammisam Def James Wilkinson
Super Middle Weight Champion Title Fight
Alex Def Danny Summers
Kirk Ohagon Def Kyke
 British Feather Weight Champion Title Fight 
Rambo Asghari Def Igor C Huev
Shrome Blair Def Matthew Hellier
Bengal Tiger Promotions
World Boxing Union
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This was taken from Walid Ali's Facebook page
It was a great night of Boxing last night at the Water Lily Hall. Fantastic Boxer's, a very special show.
Crowd loved it, Boxers enjoyed it and our Sponsor's witnessed it.
First I Would like to thank Anokha Restaurant for the sponsorship, Team G.T.D., Water Lily Hall, 3s Acompany Photographers , The Cage Amateurs UK Team, UK Boxing Union Officials, Boxing Factory, and all Teams from Walid Ali Promotion. 



Recorded Saturday 20th October 2012

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