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Raging Bull EnglandA little light on fights but that certainly didn't spoil anything for the packed crowd, and when I say packed I mean bursting at the seams packed crowd. The last fight of the evening, the bout between Ricky 'Nel' Nelder and Steve 'Beastmode' Gold, was yet again one of the best bouts I have seen and I have seen some great fights of all different styles since the birth of Cage Amateurs UK. I think I can say that without fear of being disagreed with by either the large number of Nelder fans, including his dad, who had all travelled down from Birmingham in a coach to see their friend or son as is the case with dad, fight for the Raging Bull Cruiserweight Title or from Stevie Gold's fans equally wanting to see their man take the belt home. 

It has too be said that all the lads on the card, some of whom I recognised from the last time I was at Raging Bull gave it their best and should be feeling good about the fact that they have done something a lot of people would not have the bollocks to do. That includes me and there is no shame in not wanting to be a fighter, the only shame is on people who spout the fighter talk but do not actually attempt to live up to the fearsome reputation they have built up for themselves in their heads. Security were great and may I say a couple of times when they opened the door for me to get outside for a smoke I do not think I said thank you so please accept my apologise for this over sight.
Raging Bulls next show is at Leicester again at the Eyres Monsell,WMC in Little John Road, LE2 9BL on Saturday 30th January 2016. Taxis are cheap and easy to get hold of and there are a mountain of hotels to suit all pockets close by. Keep your eyes open for any updates on the 'Show Dates' page here on Cage Amateurs UK.
That is enough waffle from me here is the nights fight card followed by a brief summary of the bouts and then the video footage that tells the story better than I ever could.

Cruiserweight Title Fight

Ricky 'Nel' Nelder v Stevie 'Beastmode' Gold
Main Card
Mikie Barlow v Rocky Ramirez
Lee Green v Lucas Baker
Ryan McShane v Josh Morrall
Richard Tuttle v Preet Somaiya
Richard Tuttle v Preet Somaiya
Ricky Nelder v Stevie Gold
Kicking the evening off was a gloved bout between Richard Tuttle and Preet Somaiya. I'm not certain if this was Richards first fight but it was certainly Preet's and proved that fitness is so important in any combat sport. Three minutes certainly does not seem like a long time but ask anyone who has done it and thought they were fit only to find they only just managed to wheeze their way through the first round and were regretting that sly Benson and Hedges before they climbed into the ring.
I am sure Preet had not had a Benson's but at many times during the bout he looked like he wanted to grab a few sucks from the oxygen tank and would rather have a sit down than carry on with the work at hand.
That said play he did and for the first round he was quite happily trading blows with Tuttle.
Even round two saw the man from the red corner burst forth against what was now the obviously more experienced man from the blue until half way through round two when he seemed to run out of gas.
Round three and there was some big swing coming from both fighters including one from Preet that would have taken Tuttle's head off had it connected. Both fighters managed to get through all three rounds even if Preet did just collapse in a heap at the final bell clearly glad it was all over.
It was pretty clear who had come out on top at the end of the day and it was Tuttle's arm raised by the referee as he was announced the winner.
Speaking to them both in the pub after they had both enjoyed themselves, Preet would like to do another one and the wisdom of fitness had certainly been taken on board.

All things said and done respect to both of you for having the fight and by doing so supporting the show.

Ryan McShane v Josh Morrall
 Ryan McShane v Josh Morrall
Still with the gloves on up next we had a couple of young lads ready to do battle. Now you know when you are getting on a bit when the fighters don't look old enough to be in a licensed premises without their parents let alone in a boxing ring. Obviously I am getting on a lot more than I could ever dream which could well explain the reason I was blowing out of my arse carrying the growing pile of kit I carry between trains on my way to Leicester. I confess at that point I too was coming to terms with the obvious many benefits of being fit.
Anyway I digress the lads were both ready to go and go Josh Morrall did at the sound of the bell to start proceedings. He was quick to go straight on the attack and landed an actual hail storm of blow upon blow on McShane and although he was doing his best with Morrell continuously and with no signs of even starting to give up McShane was eventually worn down and he collapsed to the floor and had to be looked at by the fight medics.

He was deemed to be fine but that must have been the longest thirty seconds that Ryan had ever had in his young life.

I hope he is not put off by what happened and continues with his boxing. Josh on the other hand will be worth keeping an eye out for in the future. Ryan was clapped back into the ring after the medics had finished and the victors arm was risen aloft by the referee to signify his win. Well done to Josh Morrell on his win and keep at it Ryan.


Lee Green v Lucas Baker
Lee Green v Lucas Baker
Still keeping with the gloves on we head into the third bout of the evening,
Talking before the show started it came to pass that Lucas Baker had fought on the last show at Raging Bull of which I had filmed and he was about to do a second his opponent this time was to be Lee Green.
Lucas was worrying a little as Lee Green had not turned up as yet and although it was still early and despite effort to remind Luke of this he was looking out the door and up the road for any sign of Lee and was only rally happy and started to settle down when Lee arrived at the venue. 

Looking at it from his point of view there has been many a bout cancelled after all your hard work just because someone has dropped out of the fight. This is bad enough if there is a genuine reason to do so and sometimes due to the very nature of the training surrounding combat sports the likely hood of injury is a lot higher than it would be in other non combative sport.

But when it is because of one of the bullshit excuses that people come up with it must really do you in and I would guess make you very nervous before a fight while you were waiting for you opponent to arrive.
But Lee Green did turn up and it was only a two minutes into the round before the bout was called to a halt after Baker had landed a flurry of blows to mostly Greens head while he had found himself backed into the ropes with no where to go.

Previous to this Green had been giving as much as he got with Baker and seemed untroubled with the way things were going. This all changed when Green went backwards into the rope and Baker let rip with a few nice connections.

Lucas Baker had his arm raised for all to see taking the win from Lee Green and the blue corner.

Mikie Barlow v Rocky Ramirez 

Off with the gloves and time for a bit of what we all enjoy best. That of course is bare knuckle boxing. Mikie Barlow was looking forward to this fight and looked good to go.
Mikie Barlow v Rocky RairezIf I am not mistaken Mikie Barlow is on his third fight and the second time I have seen him fight on the Raging Bull fight card.
I have no knowledge about Ramirez but he looked comfortable enough and at ease before the fight started so this was going to be interesting.
Interesting it was with Mikie slipping early in the first round then walking onto a right hand a few seconds later which sent him sprawling to the ground.
Mikie was quickly back on his feet and ready to go but after some good attacking he was knocked to the floor again with another Ramirez right hand but this time he did not look like he was going to be carrying on today. This was pretty much confirmed by the referee when he started the count then waved his arms too call an end to things before he finished.
So often is the case in bare knuckle boxing it only takes one and if it does not finish you off it leaves you stunned with your plans pretty much down the drain.
All that was left was for the ref to raise the arm of the Red Corners Rocky Ramirez. Well done to both fighters.
Ricky Nelder v Stevie Gold
The time had come for the long awaited rematch between Stevie Gold and Ricky Nelder with Stevie one up on the score board. A full venue of noisy fans were all up for this big time and they were not to be disappointed having come down to Leicester by coach, yup that is right there were so many of them they came in a coach rather than all drive down.
Before the bout took place I was speaking to Wayne who happens to be Ricky's dad. He was telling me that his son was going to 'take' this fight and that I would see a totally different fighter this time. Personally I thought the last fight could have gone either way. Wayne agreed but obviously being Ricky's dad he said he was a bit biased and would have liked to have seen it go his son's way but in conversation about the subject he was very generous when talking about Stevie Gold. 

He wasn't wrong about a different fighter and from the time Ricky stepped into the ring it was glaringly obvious something was going to be different and different it was. Ricky moved round the ring slowly and patiently stalking Gold. Stevie was not just standing there and doing nothing but Ricky was just waiting for the moment he knew would come. He was right and the time did come.

Wayne had gone from looking worried to as if he had just won the lottery ten times over. I was looking at the proudest dad in the world and he came over to tell me that he had told me what would happen and give me a massive hug. No one gives me a hug so he must have been over the moon.

I like both these fighters and it is a shame to see one of them loose but one of them will loose it is the very nature of the sport. At one fight each will they fight again or leave it at the draw. Somehow I think there will be more too come after a break from fighting each other. I believe that Ricky donated some of his purse to a good cause that Stevie is championing and also donates from his purse but there is a little secret that Wayne told me after he released me from the bear hug. Ricky owes his dad some money of which he has been paid half back. His dad is going to let him off the balance for the win, but don't tell anyone.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say these two are cut from the same cloth as fighters like James McCrory who in my opinion is one of the best modern day bare knuckle fighters. Big statement to make. Sure is but you mark my words time will tell.
Ricky NelderStevie Gold
Ricky NelderStevie Gold
Raging Bull Cruiserweight Title Fight

One very proud dadRicky and DadRicky and Stevie after the fight

Well that is it from me I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I have and I will see you at the next one on 30th January 2016 Jon P

Back on Raging Bull's Battle Ground 2 both fighters took to the ring resulting one hell of a brawl and personally I would not have known which way too call it but when the judges had made their decision it was Stevie that won the bout. This resulted in a rematch being made and a date set only for the fight to be called off when Stevie sustained a bad injury during training. Date rearranged and the stage was set for the rematch. Watch the first epic battle which set the ball rolling below.

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