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Published April 2015

At last I had finally got myself going to see one of Jay Wann and teams shows. This was something I had been planning to do since they started but one thing leads to another and before you know it time has shot past and you still have not been. This should be considered an error on my behalf as I have heard good things about the show which is a night of mixed boxing, both gloved and ungloved. 
Jay Wann Promter and FighterJay runs his own gym and has also been known to get in the ring himself which is quiet unusual among promoters of pretty much all combat sports. He is one of the quiet promoters and by that I mean that he just goes about his way doing what he does and is not too be seen arguing on Facebook or attracting negative attention to himself. He does not seem to court the scrum that is the main stream media which is around at the moment although I know he is receiving it from various sources for which I would guess he is happy about as it is all good publicity. 
Jay Wann is a dark horse and I believe there is much more to come from the people behind Raging Bull so I would keep my eyes open if I were you. In a recent interview with Stu Armstrong Bobby Gunn even mentioned that Jay is the man too look out for.
Saturday 18th of April saw me boarding the train at Gillingham station for the trip to Leicester. Fresh in my mind was the incident on my way to Tyrone Monaghan's show (Another good show and in many ways Tyrone reminds me of Jay so if Jays show also follows that similarity I was in for a cracking night) in which I got my tripod jammed in the doors of the train resulting in an undignified battle between me and the doors which were refusing to release the damn thing. 
All things were going well until I had to change trains at St Pancras in London for the final part of the trip to Leicester. I was getting myself comfortable when a young lady stopped where I was seated, which I took to mean she was sitting on the block of four I was at so I started to move my flight case from under the table saying that I would move it out of her way to give her more room. To which she informed me that I was sitting in her seat. Due to all the perfect planning I had in place after last time I got my ticket out of my pocket knowing I was in the right and maybe with a hint of smugness I assured her that I had probably made a mistake and was in the wrong carriage. 
Shock horror, no, it looked like It wasn't me that was in the wrong seat after all which was confirmed by my ticket. The problem now was the ticket she had in her hand confirmed that she was also in the correct seat. While I was standing there now looking confused she was looking full of confidence as though she knew something I didn't.
Sure as shit she did know something I didn't and was more than happy to point out not only was I in the wrong seat in the wrong carriage but I was in the wrong fecking train and should be on the one in front.
My horror was compounded by the voice of the trains guard through the intercom system reinforcing her words and with them ringing in my ears I scrabbled off this train with under two minutes, to get too the one in front.
As I sprinted down the platform with the tripod incident replaying in my head, I noticed I was not alone as in hot pursuit there must have been 20+ people who had also not realised there were two trains sitting at the damn platform. Like a herd of gazelle racing across the plains to escape the pursuing lions I made it to the train and boarded without incident much to my relief.
After booking into the hotel I settled in and waited for Lou Lou who was staying at a different hotel to me and met up with Tricia 'Trixie' Mullins, who I had never met before, and headed to the bar for a drink to get acquainted while we were waiting for Lou Lou.
Arriving at the venue I wasn't expecting to get any footage as there were two pro crews there who at first I thought were filming the show for Jay. After getting to know the other guys and finding out the score it became pretty obvious they were there for totally different reason. What a stroke of luck game on.
Lucas and Thomas
Lucas Baker
Thomas Smith
Russ Hadley
Bare Knuckle
Callum McDermott
Paul Jones
Arek Drezek
Mathew Thorn
Bare Knuckle
Mikie Barlow
Nel Nelder
Bare Knuckle
Stevie Gold
Matt Davis
Bare Knuckle
Tony Goward

Ill finish off with a quick summary and leave the video footage to speak for it's self. The show was well attended but suffered from the promoter being let down,a far too common event in all combat sports and by no means a reflection on either the promoter or the promotion. Stevan 'The Killer' Miller held things together nicely both announcing the fights and refereeing the bouts. It was only Raging Bull's last show that he was fighting against Decca Heggie in what was to be an epic fight which resulted in a draw. 

Jay is currently trying to raise funds for a mini bus which would be used to transport Raging Bull fighters to other shows around the country making things a lot easier for the gyms trainers to get the guys out for valuable fight experience. A raffle was held on the night and an auction took place of boxing memorabilia very kindly given to the cause by Mr Mark Vickers out of his own personal collection. 
Matt Thorn
Briefly,the first fight kicked the evening off in fine style with both the young boxers giving it everything for four rounds of action. The bout was deemed to be a draw which was really the only thing it could have been as they had both displayed some fine boxing.

A bare knuckle bout was up next with Callum McDermott taking the lead giving Russ Hadley a particularly nasty cut on the top of his head. I was surprised to see the towel come in from the Hadley camp but they are the people who work with Russ and although he did not look over happy about the situation Callum was starting to pick up his pace and I believe it was only going to be a question of time before he finished the bout. The corner guys had obviously spotted something and were prepared to put their fighter's health first.

It must be said though that Russ was pushing forward to the end so fair play to the man.

A gloved bout next with Arek Drezek dominating from before he came out too fight, knocking Paul Jones down twice in quick succession before the sound of the bell had stopped ringing,

Gloves off for Mikie Barlow against Mat Thorn the bout being stopped by the referee much to Mats annoyance. I think it had to be said that Mat did not know his arse from his elbow having been knocked to the floor quickly by the younger Mikie Barlow.

Mat was convinced of his ability to carry on but I spoke to him afterwards and suggested that maybe it was time too start looking at other areas in the boxing game as he is not getting any younger. Many others have also tried to discourage him but Mat will not take the advice and each time I see him fight the inevitable happens quicker and quicker.

Fighting is his life and not for one second do I doubt his courage or commitment to the show he is fighting on. He has fought on two of our shows and pretty much every other show you can name. He is not going to thank me or any one of us for this but as responsible people there can not be one of us that hasn't been uncomfortable at the way things are going and the fact we know how the fight will end. I am also sure I am not the only one who when ever I see him fight hopes beyond hope that this is the one all his efforts are going to come together for a win that will be talked about for years to come. 

Mathew Thorn has made his mark in the fight game through his commitment to the up and coming fight, his respect for the other fighter making sure he will never let them down by not attending. He will fight who ever is put in front of him a quality some over paid pro's could take note of. Mat Thorn is a legend in the true sense of the word and we should all consider ourselves honoured to have had him on our shows. Which is the main reason I would find it so hard to no allow him to fight.

I digress. A nice win by Mikie Barlow with an equally respectful attitude toward his opponent as did all the fighters if I may say so.

Nel Nelder took on Stevie Gold in this one with Stevie taking it on points. But what a screamer of a battle this was it could have gone either way at any point an absolute blinder.

Last but not least the legendary 'Leicester Bull' Dog Mr Tony Goward. An old school no nonsense knock em down then off to the pub kinda fighter. Tony was up against Matt Davis who he dispatched in his no messing around style.

The Bulldog

It only leaves for me too thank Jay Wann and the Raging Bull team for having me over for the show and to say it was good too see old friends and to make a few new ones.
Thanks to Lou Lou for getting me home safely. Nice too meet you Tricia 'Trixie' Mullens and it is always good to get the chance to chat with Ron and Linda both classy people.
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