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Due to a re-organisation of the site I had to make a choice of how I was going to groups things. So I decided that I would get a separate group for B-BAD. When I say B-BAD I mean the B-BAD of Andy Topliffe and Clare Monaghan times so basically up to B-BAD 7. We actually joined in things at B-BAD 2 in October 2012. Between Dan Towers and myself we knew nothing about the world of Bare Knuckle Boxing and I mean absolutely fuck all.

Published September 2012

Cage Amateurs UK looks into the Underground world of Bare Knuckle Boxing. Good? Bad? I don't know but we have been invited to the first legal show of this type by the organisers so we will find out soon enough. Dan has spent quite a bit of time talking to the people involved and arranging this. Things that are underground create suspicion and distrust. This event has been arranged with the full knowledge of the powers that be and we will be there to record the show on what we hope will be the first of many more legal shows. Controversial ? I would think so. A legitimate Combat Sport? I would say so. We'll let you know very soon. We start things off with our first talk to B-BAD Promoter Andy Topliffe.


Andy Topliffe

Andy Topliffe is a B.K.B. fighter and promoter of B-BAD B.K.B. Although most of the public are of the opinion that Bare Knuckle Boxing is a Gypsy culture, it is very wrong. Andy is in early days of getting his events mainstream. His up and coming event on October 27th 2012 is set to mark the beginning of an old sport, sprung into modern times. B.K.B. has been around hundreds of years and we had hands, long before we had gloves. Mixed Martial Arts were in a similar situation going back fifteen years, but that is now reported as the fastest growing sport in the World. Andy has had to over come many obstacles, it is still an issue of fights having rounds or no time limits. I believe the Gypsy community have always tried to keep a fair fight, having two refs from different families and no hitting when your opponent is on the ground, but they fight till someone can no longer fight, some have gone on for many hours. So as they are moving to main stream there are many things to consider and with Andy being old school he wants to keep an equal balance.
Andy Topliffe B-BAD Promoter and B.K.B. fighter So what is Andy's aim?
1/ To set up a Governing Body of which will consist of highly experienced fighters and experts in B.K.B.
This will in turn bring more fighters to the sport. Make a safer environment for fighters, stop mismatched fights and most importantly stop serious injury.
2/ Hire a Doctor who would be a B-BAD employee. He would do all the pre-fight medicals, blood tests and when affordable drug tests, And to be on hand at every fight to assist with any medical problems. The Doctor would also be on hand for the public if needed assistance.
3/ Also run an official fight league with all fighters registering with B-BAD. Eventually, we will have a regular roster of fighters who can all earn title shots and gain a career in B.K.B. with B-BAD.
4/ Website, we will have an official website with all fighter profiles. Contact to all Board Members, up and coming events, B.K.B. news, shop, tickets and a forum for all B.K.B. fans.
Andy is very dedicated to making B-BAD a great promotion for all involved. We are going to follow Andy over the next year and see how B-BAD changes in that time. I have a positive feeling, so i truly hope to see the company grow. I have added a link to Andy's Facebook group and profile. Please feel free to get in touch with him if you have any questions he is happy to chat.
Before B-BAD 2 we had a long chat with promoter Andy Topliffe where among other things he told us what he hoped to achieve with B-BAD and Bare Knuckle Boxing. This is the 47:53 mins audio only interview we did with him via Skype

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