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Published December 2013

B-BAD travelled south for the their sixth show to the home of Dave Courtney which has the unusual name of Camelot. As we rounded a bend in a quiet road in a nice part of London we came across said 'Camelot' and it was everything I expected and more.

To be honest I am not one to usually get over enthusiastic about much but I shit you not this place is great. It's like Alton Towers, one visit is not enough. The full size bar at the far end of the property is adjacent to the 'Dungeon' then heading back to the house the first room is home to a pool table, which is a good start, but then the amount of things hanging from the ceilings and on the walls hits you.

The next room is lined with books but once again you feel like you are in a shop in a back street of London where you would buy spells off of a shop keeper who appears out of nowhere.

No shop keeper but our host Mr Dave Courtney was there beating our man at pool when I walked in. 

Now I don't want to rub anyone up the wrong way but Dave can be a larger than life character which from comments I have read can get peoples backs up on the smallest thing. Now it's not my place to say how someone does their home up especially when I am a guest but the house is just like Dave's character, it's fuckin mental. No offence intended Dave. 

If I had done this it would be tacky but tacky it is not. I absolutely love it, I think I was even talking to myself about it as a couple of Dave's friends heard me and said ' It's great isn't it mate'. 

Let's have a quick recap for you.

You got the bar, no lets call it the pub to give you a better idea, next to the dungeon with it's pole bang in the middle of the room. Then you have the castle with it's huge mural on the side and as you enter the pool room it turns into an area you can kick back and spend a day just admiring the way the room is set out.  Fancy a read the next room is a library but not just any old library it's finished in a way that would seem odd anywhere else but 'Camelot.'

Anyway as Dave was our host let's let him speak first in this interview, more of a chat really, before things got started for the evening.

On arriving the first person we met was a very stressed out Andy Topliffe. If you don't know who Andy is by now then you should do as he and partner Claire have been doing more for Bare Knuckle Boxing in this country than just about anyone else. 

You may or may not agree with what I just said and you are of course entitled to your opinion but as I am writing this on this site I am pretty much going to have the last word on the subject. It's always a worry on fight night but he had already had one fight cancelled and now another fighter was desperately trying to get a lift having been let down.

Lou Lou and Claire

We promote the White Collar Fight Club shows of which we have held two and drop outs are common but Andy has the added disadvantage of having a smaller pool of people to draw on.

That aside we met Andy and Claire when they were holding B-BAD 2 and it had been hard work but here they are on B-BAD 6. Quite why people say they are going to fight and then drop out is beyond me. We have covered enough shows of all type to know that 90% of the drop outs are bullshit. If you have not got the bottle to go through with the commitment then buy a ticket to the show and shut ya mouth. Failing that buy a camera and film it you don't think I don't fight because I am scared of messing my hair up do you?

Just too make something clear that is not a pop at anyone as I have missed a couple of shows including one because I was stuck in Leicester after B-BAD 3 due to having to use the train as the person who was going to give us a lift let us down right at the last second. I also took the time to set up another lift for another show and was let down on that but luckily my wife offered to take me.

So the moral of this story is "Don't fucking depend on other people" there is a good chance they will let you down and promoting a show ourselves the last thing you need is that happening.

It was good to see some old faces and some new so we took advantage and grabbed a chat with James Quinn, Michael Blackett and Claire Monaghan as they arrived. Just to bring anyone who is new to the B-BAD scene and bare knuckle boxing James Quinn is a Bare Knuckle Boxing man of considerable note and now boss of Quinn Promotions. Michael Blackett is a bit of an authority on the subject and has been known to put pen to paper a couple of such scribings we are lucky enough to have on Cage Amateurs UK and last but certainly not least Claire Monaghan, daughter of Bare Knuckle Boxer Paddy Monaghan and other half of B-BAD Promotions along with her partner Mr Andy Topliffe.

As it happened it was my lucky day and I ended up with James Quinn's coat which I have had my eyes on for a while. Now don't get any ideas that I either stole it or wrestled the big man to the ground for it. A lot of things I may be but suicidal I'm not and took a more simple approach. I asked him. "James" i said " When you grow out of that coat I could grow into it." "OK" James said "You can have it at the end of the evening." Sure enough good to his word he gave it to me. Not too sure about my statement to the validity or ability for me to grow into.
Jon P wins the day and James keeps his word and gives me his coat

The crowd had started to built up nicely in the run up to the first fight. Sadly there were only two fights for one reason or another and more cameras than you would see at the Oscars resulting in a bit of scrum. Out smarted by the professional crews i wasn't in the best position when the fight started. Spotting a ledge at the back I jumped up thinking I would have an advantage only to realise I had chosen a shit spot for want of a better word.

This was where things got worse. As I changed position for a better view one of the fighters gets knocked out. I stood waiting for the guy too leap up and continue but you've probably guessed by now he didn't leaving me with no footage.
That is pretty much your worst fucking nightmare when your sole purpose to the evening is to film the fights. On the plus side we caught up with Michael Ord after his fight for a brief chat.


Time for the Big one Decca 'The Machine' Heggie v 'The Leicester Bulldog'

These are a couple of big lads and with the memory of the last fight fresh in my mind I decided on a different tactic which involved holding the camera above my head and watching the monitor. Half way through round one the flaw in my plan started to become apparent as my arms turned to jelly.
The first round ended and I was hoping for a knockout a bit rapid. In all fairness the way the two fighters had been going for it this was a distinct possibility. Round two saw some more great action with me using all my will power to keep my arms firmly above my head praying I could hold out till the end of the fight.
The Break between round two and round three only just gave the blood enough time too flow back into my arms before the bell was ringing out for round three.
Luck was on my side as the end of the fight was not long coming being announced by four of the Bulldogs teeth flying across the pit followed by him hitting the floor. Just too prove I didn't miss it take a look at a very exciting fight below.

That was a great fight between Decca and The Bulldog. The pre fight warm up with Shaun Smith who also refereed the first fight had obviously paid off for Decca and with Nat Taylor in his corner he was there to win,  After letting Decca get his breath back we caught up with him and asked him how he was feeling about the fight and his future in BKB

A Post Fight Chat With 'The Machine'

  A Few Photos From The Evening More Can Be Seen Over On Facebook

Shaun Smith Runs Decca heggie Through His PacesWar In The PitAndy Topliffe and Decca Heggie
The Big Guys Do BattleDecca WinsDecca Heggie

Next we speak to Andy Topliffe, Peter Gaffney and Mr James Quinn and finish the evening off with a recap off the events


Thanks to: B-BAD Promotions, James Quinn of Quinn Promotions, Mr Dave Courtney, Peter Gaffney, Michael Blackett, Decca Heggie, Michael Ord, Andy Topliffe and Claire Monaghan and anyone else who helped us with the video.
Big up Andy and Claire they have achieved much for no reward and little thanks you can catch up with them on their Facebook page.
You can read the two pieces Michael Blackett has written that we have on Cage Amateurs UK by going to Bare Knuckle  or William Thomas Wells
Thanks Jon P

Peter Gaffney Writes

Peter Gaffney who we also interviewed at the show has kindly put pen to paper with his view on the evening.

Greetings one and all, firstly what a last couple of weeks it has been, recovering after another great night of Bare Knuckle Boxing and partying till the early morning, well myself and my mates got back to the hotel at 04.00 AM !
On the night there were only 2 fights due to travel problems, which left a fighter driving round in circles in the West End of London unable to get in contact withMichael Ordanyone at the show for help.
Plus add the usual no shows and we were left with two fights but the good crowd and great venue didn't stop a great night for everyone who did attend.
But what a couple of fights they were.
A BIG well done to Jon Stuart who Knocked out his opponent  Michael Ord in the first 30 seconds of the first round but not without damaging his hand in the process. You can't keep a good man down and Michael was seen shortly after back on his feet and enjoying a beer while giving an interview to the Cage Amateurs UK team.
Next up 'The Big One' and on to the battle of the heavyweights, 'The Leicester Bulldog' vs Decca 'The Machine' Heggie and we could tell this was going to an interesting battle experience vs youth and strength.
In the 1st barrage of punches Decca knocked down the Bulldog who quickly got up, shook his head and came forward but Decca's jabs and hooks were too much for the Bulldog and by the 3rd round you could see Bulldog was getting tired.
Decca Takes The WinThen BOOM the Bulldog was flat on his back and the fight was over. Referee Andy Topliffe stopped the fight while the Bulldog received attention from the Fight Medic. 
Decca raised his arms to the crowd and roared ! The crowd were on their feet shouting and clapping. 
So on wards and upwards. B BAD's next show will hopefully be in March 2014 possibly back at the Castle with a UK v USA bout  featuring a Title Fight between the UK's current Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion James McCrory and Jason Young from the USA.
Now this has bought a lot of interest among fight fans on the forum as everyone knows who McCrory is and what he is capable of doing but Mr Young is who I'm calling "The Man of Mystery."
No one knows anything about him. I've known Jason through Bare Knuckle Boxing sites on the social sites for a few years now and he's a very confident young man. He's looks a big, strong, tall lad but could he bring something to the pit the likes of Dave Radford and Seth Jones couldn't ?
We will have to wait and see from 'The Man of Mystery !! 
I'd like to say a big well done to Andy Joynes Topliffe and Claire Monaghan for bringing this noble sport forward and to all the Admin Team on Facebook who keep the site in order.
Finally I'd like to ask for us all to keep in our prayers and thoughts and wish Dale Brendan Hyde a speedy recovery !
Info on B-BAD 7 will be coming shortly so grab your tickets ASAP to make sure you are there on this what could be an historic night!
Peter Montgomery Gaffney

Nice one Peter we look forward to more from you in the future. Jon P

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