All the Above

All The Above

My first contact with the band was on this night so I wasn't sure what to expect but having been promising James I would come and film them for the last 18 months I felt like I had known them since I was a small boy. If I could actually remember when I was said small boy I would say something like 'I felt like I had known them for ages' but I can't remember so I won't bother.
Ok Band Line Up IsSi Filly Steak Fills - Guitar,  Bruce T P - Guitar , James W Lant - Bass,  Paul R - Drums,  Si - Vox
All The AboveGenre - Alternative Grunge Heaviness
Hometown - Tunbridge Wells So close to The Anti Nowhere League has to be a good thing
Record Label- Unsigned
Influences - So so many... mostly acid and beef.
Current Location - Tunbridge Wells 

Contact info -

Not the best of starts for the guys and this is what James put on facebook after the gig.  
My last night by JML
So lasts nights show, we turned up, load in got the PA working. Rip into the 1st song, Paul starts playing an unfamiliar beat, I look round and see the floor tom has collapsed and is pretty much on his lap, Talyor is trying to fix while he should be singing and the bass drum is moving forwards as there is no drum carpet. We gets the tom fixed up and carry on, I have to stand with my foot on the bass drum to stop it moving, don't realise I'm actually pushing the whole drum kit back and Paul's smashing his elbows against the back wall... We make it to the end of the set and then find out we've all got parking tickets because some one didn't read all the parking sign... Oh my!
You would never have known they were having problems as they worked through the nights set of solid thumping tunes.
Personally I didn't think the venue did them justice but they delivered a sound and style that would not be out of place at any of the big festivals and as good if not better than some of the bands all ready playing at them.
The grunge sound is not my personal favourite but whatever you may or may not feel about this style of music they deliver it with plenty of bollocks which personally I feel lacks from some similar bands. If you play this type of music it's got to played s certain way and that way is with 'bollocks'.
These guys have em and I would pay to see All The Above and so should you.

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