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22/01/2018 With Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 4 at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre on 10th March approaching fast I thought I would get busy with some interviews. I was hoping Boss Amanda Smith would be first out of the gate but fighter Chris Wheeldon has pipped her to the post. So we are starting off with current British Cruiserweight Title holder who will be defending against Red Brown Mr Chris "The Scalp Snatcher" Wheeldon.

18/01/2018 I am going to start doing some written interviews with Amanda Smith promoter of Ultimate Bare knuckle Boxing and the fighters in advance of the March show. Looks like I am going to have a busy weekend.

07/01/2018 Not the best start to the year as I ended up pulling the muscles in my neck and arm and ended up being off work sick.

31/12/2017 Well it is nearly that time when the changes and people who can't stand the sight of each other pretend they are best of friends. Do have a great evening if you are going out and if I know you or not that is not important but I hope the New Year Brings you all you need.

27/12/2017 Well I hope you all had a great holiday. Personally mine was fucking shit!!! 

13/12/2017 I'm sure there was something I wanted to say when I started writing this, damned if I can remember what though. Nope not a clue? While I wait for it too come back too me I was on Facebook the other evening and managed to catch up with Jay Wann the man behind Raging Bull. Better still he has a show coming up in March of the new year so keep your eyes out for that and fingers crossed that something does not throw a spanner in the works. Top man is Jay I can't wait.

Had me a few cheeky quid on the old Bitcoin. Don't want to temp fate but only using a small amount of cash to start with I'm £1000 up. Famous last words anyone want a side bet on how long it takes me too loose it. 

06/12/2017  Thought to myself it could make life easier all round if I actually dated anything I put up here. Not a great deal going on to be honest but there should be some updates to the show dates page in the next few days. One of note is the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing show in Manchester on March 10th 2018. If there is only one show you go to in 2018 make sure you don't miss this one.
If you have not been too a BKB show before and are wondering what it is all about take a look at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 3  and you will see for yourself what a quality show Shaun and Amanda Smith put on.
As usual if you like your wrestling my old friend "The Infamous Informer" has completed his weekly review of the WWE and is available by visiting this very link . Bookmark it and visit weekly for Mr Grant Body P's rather different way of seeing things as only Northamptons most Infamous could.

Noticed on Facebook that Jay Wann of Raging Bull fight show fame is back in March with a Pit Fight event. I hope this goes ok getting the Licence Jay does a good show and I would love to be at that one. Fingers crossed.
As people who know me are aware I do like a bit of live music so Friday just gone I headed off to Butlins at Bognor for the aptly named Electric Dreams weekend. Featuring the likes of Howard Jones, Blancmange, Thomas Dolby and other synthesizer bands it was a pretty good weekend and my mate Dan, my brother Richard and myself all pretty much got spangled which was the idea. The point I am slowly getting too is that the memory is a funny old thing and out of an hour set you suddenly realise that the only done three maxmimum songs you actually like. Strange seemed so much more.

United Kingdom Boxing Council

18/11/2017 Saturday saw my old friend Andrew Juby heading to The Detling Show Ground in Kent to see Kings Promotions "Combat Kings" boxing show. On arriving back home he had an overwhelming urge to say something about the show he had just seen. Read on to see what he thought.

Rest in Peace

I haven't been to a wrestling show for a while but it has been a sad week in the world of UK wrestling. Paul Jerome, you may know him as Freddie Cornell, passed away leaving a hole in both his real families and his wrestling family' lives. Rest In Peace PJ.

Just to make things worse Karl Edward Trotter promoter of The Charity Wrestling Alliance has lost his mother. Sad days in the CWA and Dropkixx Camps.

Footage from Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 3

14/10/2017 Just finished wading through the video from the U.B.K.B. show we attended at the weekend. The show was excellent and well worth the distance we drove to get there. Keep an eye out here for the videos of the show. At last the video and stuff from Manchester are done.  

Site Stuff

As you can see there is nothing on this page. Fear not there is plenty too look around on the site while I get my shit together and sort the site out. As you may know, may not know or couldn't give a shite I was going to let Cage Amateurs UK go but after some thought I realised I enjoy doing it and wanted to keep something I have spent the last five years on and carry on with things.

My biggest fear is I don't want to make more come backs than Status Quo so this is it whatever happens. I digress what I really need to say is that Saturday I was at Shaun and Amanda Smith's show in Nottingham so I will be launching with their show very soon.

Thanks for keeping the faith

Jon P.

p.s. Anyone who writes about any Combat Sport who wouldn't mind me putting their stuff on this site give me a shout I will be very greatfull.
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